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Only our Lord Jesus Christ can save us from the carnage of these wars! Much prayer is needed. Many believe that the End Times are upon us, and that our Savior Jesus Christ is manifesting Himself in more and more profound, meaningful, and even miraculous ways.

The first picture shows the entire leaf plaque. The second picture is composed of two photos. The left photo is the close-up of this truly stunning Jesus Christ image itself as it actually appears on the leaf. The right photo is this same close-up but specially rendered by computer to visually emphasize the image of Christ itself for a clearer view of the Christ image with minimal leaf background showing (similar to a photographic negative and to the photographic research techniques done on the Shroud of Turin to emphasize the Body of Christ image in the burial cloth). Please note that while the right photo of the image of Jesus on the leaf was processed using a computer, the image itself is NOT a computer image, and it is NOT, produced by using a computer in any way.

This Item is truly unique. This is not a mass-produced Item. The leaf is a real plant leaf that came from a living plant. There will never be another Item exactly like this one ever again.

Plaque frame is wood and brown, and is 6-3/8" x 8-3/8" x 5/8". Leaf is a fairly large 5-1/4" x 2-1/8" (at its widest). Image of Jesus is about 1-5/8" x 2-1/4".

Again, this is a unique and truly beautiful item. It is symbolic of Jesus's love of the beautiful, pure, bountiful and wondrous living world He so generously provided us in the beginning, and to warn us to stop destroying His Creation.

To be sure you buy or win this truly beautiful and precious image of Jesus Christ on a leaf, then please be sure that you buy it right away (available from my webpages if not being auctioned), OR you are its highest bidder (if on auction).

The Jesus Leaf is perfect for your church, altar, shrine, chapel, religious retreat, nook, reliquary, sacrarium or chancel, hung on your wall (has metal wall hanger hardware in back), or fondly held in your hands during prayers, meditations, and the loving exercise of your religious faith. Or lovingly given as a gift to someone especially precious to you, suffering from injury or illness, or not long for this world. Please also inform those close to you about this very special and unique offer as they too may need the Embrace of Jesus Christ.

NOTE: This is a real plant foliage - not artificial - and not exposed to any kind of chemical treatment or chemical process. The image is not made by any ink, dye, paint or pigment stamped, painted, drawn, engraved, stenciled, stippled or tatooed onto the leaf. Nor is the image etched or burned on using heat or any kind of chemical or radioactivity. Nor is the image pasted, cemented or glued onto the leaf, or "straw art" or any other form of composite art. Nor is the image made by a computer, printer, plotter or photo printer. Nor is the image a reflection, optical illusion, double exposure, magic trick, or the result of any other optical or photographic trick or process (if anything, the image is more clear and distinct when actually viewed than what the camera catches). And we have never exposed the plant or its leaves to fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or to any other chemical except rain water and tap water. After the blessed image of Jesus Christ appeared, we non-chemically and non-thermally preserved the leaf to be sure that the leaf, and thus its precious image of Jesus Christ, would be protected and preserved for a very long time. We also flattened the leaf using a standard flower press so that its Jesus image would have maximum clarity. Some reflection from the transparent media covering the image is seen in images.

Please purchase today! If you yourself is not interested in this Item, perhaps others you know would be. Whether you bid on my item or not and you have an opinion or question about it, please email me. Thank you. - John Williams

UNIQUE ITEM. We have only one of this Item.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD049, LR059-S02, LS092-R25. - Price: $74.95. S/H: $9.90


I bought this metal plate or plaque at an estate sale. Metal plaque is brass. The inscription "IC XC" is Greek for "Jesus Christ - King of All" or, "Iisu Christos, Rex Christos" or similar. The symbols ICXC is apparently an Orthodox Christogram. We are not an expert on metal wall plaques of this type. 13" in diameter. Beautiful wall art. After looking for months, we have not been able to find another one like this. Absolutely wonderful Lord God Jesus Christ collectible. Please check my webpages as we have several other, similar stunning wall plaques.

UNIQUE ITEM. We have only one of this Item.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD049, LS092-R20. - Price: $79.95. S/H: $15.90


I bought this at an estate sale. A family member told us that their deceased father, the former owner of this Item, was an American merchant in China prior to World War II, and that this Item was a church donation collection box owned by a Christian church in China. We do not know the deceased, his family, or much about churches in China or Chinese antiques so we do not make any claims or provide any guarantees as to the authenticity of this Item. If you know anything about this type of antique brass box-with-a-handle, please let us know. Appears to be made of brass with some stunning art work on it. The lid of this church donations box opens up to make the church collections (see image insert), the church box is about 1-1/8" deep.

This antique church collections box makes a precious collectible. Or use this church donation box for your own mini-storage box and/or display case for jewelry, gems and precious stones, crafts items, hobbyist parts, sewing items, office supplies, small collectibles, parlor game parts, precision hand tools, knick-knacks, etc. - practically unlimited uses.

UNIQUE ITEM. We have only one of this Item.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD098. - Price: $995.95. S/H: $9.90


I purchased these incredible and fascinating stone figure oddities at an Estate sale out of their jewelry display case. Family of deceased previous owner claimed he was a world traveler who found them at a certain remote site in Central America over 50 years ago near an area where similar type stones but much, much larger were discovered in recent decades, and that they were found near each other with some kind of decayed wicker-like material near them. These appear to be actual rocks and not clay. We cannot tell whether or not they were naturally formed and thereby just coincidentally look like the face of an old man and a swaddling baby, or that they were intentionally carved that way. In the left eye of the man face is a broken piece of what looks like some kind of polished gem, but we can't tell for sure. We make no guarantee as to what these two fascinating pieces are. The face of stone is 2" x 1-3/4". The swaddled baby of stone is 2" x 1-1/4". The swaddled baby looks very similar to ancient carved stones of Baby Jesus, and it also looks like a primitive crucifix of our Lord God Jesus Christ. If either symbolic of our Lord Jesus Christ in the manger or Lord Jesus on The Cross, then how did it get to Central America???

UNIQUE ITEM. We have only one of this Item.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD061, LS092-R25. - Price: $299.95.

Laminated PARSONAGE SIGN, 10" X 4", B & W

New old stock (NOS). Laminated black & white PARSONAGE Sign. 10" x 4". If you are the clergy of a church or religion - especially if your church or religion is tax-free, or your home is part of a building that is accessible to the public, or your home is just not getting any respect - we strongly encourage you to put up a PARSONAGE Sign to leave no doubt in anyone's mind that YOUR RESIDENCE IS AN OFFICIAL PARSONAGE. Can be used indoors or outdoors. We print this copyrighted sign on heavy paper, which we then laminate to even weather outdoor placements for long periods.

LIMITED QUANTITY. We have only a few of these left to sell.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD163. - Price: $39.95.

& HOW TO RUN IT" - Both Books
How to Become The Founder of a New Religion or Church!

Need another career? Have strong religious convictions? Lack a religion or don't 100% agree with your current religion (if you have one)? By starting your own religion, church or temple, you can get it all - community respect and admiration, very good living, big tax breaks, better property protection, great privileges from deferments to discounts, much more! When there are so few job opportunities today that you might be interested in or qualified for and even college graduates are flipping burgers, then create your own opportunities!

America is coming to a spiritual awakening! Many of us now seek a more personal, meaningful and fulfilling religious worship which suits our own religious, spiritual and lifestyle needs - not a religion dictated by some distant power or authority. And many of us now belong to a religion not spiritual enough, or with a doctrine we don't 100% agree with, or with few or wrong answers about life's mysteries and issues, or which is constantly taking more from us than what it is giving us, or which is so large, diverse and/or impersonal that we no longer have any meaningful say in its doctrines or how it is run. We now seek a relevant and comprehensive religion which not only addresses our unique religious beliefs and needs, but also our spiritual needs, self-realization needs, survival needs, and financial needs. With hardships greatly increasing, and with the steady loss of control that most people now have in their lives and future, increasing unhappiness with their lives and careers, increasing fears of job loss and the inability to find new jobs worthy of their abilities and with decent pay and benefits, more and more people are turning to religion for their answers. The only way anyone can have a meaningful say in their life, religion and spirituality is to start your own religion.

Today in the United States there are about 38,000 Christian and Jewish religious denominations and sects, and growing. Many savvy people now realize that of all of the organizational models, including sole proprietorship, partnership, business venture, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, trust, and even foundation, forming your own religion is by far the best way to go, especially should you have a strong or unique spiritual-, religious-, self-help-, and/or charitable fundraising-based concept.

Many Wonderful & Profitable Advantages of Creating & Running Your Own Religion or Church
YOU Establish Your Own Religious Beliefs, Doctrines & Practices

· While to be officially and even unofficially recognized as a religion generally requires certain elements that distinguish the religion from a hobby and all of these other organizational models (which the manual describes in detail), a religion does not require government application, approval or monitoring to be formed and operated - anyone can freely form and operate his/her own religion any time and any place they want to (religious beliefs are virtually inviolate under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution).

· Religions can do the same work as foundations and other charities, and can and usually do form their own foundations and charities in addition to being religions (the reverse is seldom true).

· Religions are great at protecting property - better than even corporations, LLCs and trusts. What some religious founders, clergy and even general members do, as we do here at The Church of Bible Prophecy, is to take a Vow of Poverty and thus donate everything, except for a few personal items, to their church. If where you live is like New Mexico, you don't actually own anything you consider to be your property. In New Mexico, ALL of your property - personal property, real estate property, and business property - is all owned by New Mexico's politicians and bureaucrats - they just let you hold onto it and maintain it just to keep you placated, until they can get around to steal it from you. If your jurisdiction is like New Mexico, you better take serious steps to assure that property of importance to you is not going to be unjustly ripped-off thru civil forfeiture, lawsuit, regulatory action or other devious means, and then freely given to some politician, bureaucrat or other yahoo. While starting and running your own religion, church or temple (or corporation, LLC or trust) does not guarantee that property of importance to you is not going to be taken thru civil forfeiture, lawsuit, regulatory action or other devious means, at a minimum, you have put up very substantial barriers to protect it. Partly because the optics of a politician, bureaucrat or other yahoo ripping-off money and property donated to your church to operate your church, including to feed, clothe and provide shelter to the poor, homeless and battered, is extremely poor optics.

· Churches, temples, shrines, altars and sanctuaries - even parsonages - are almost never searched, seized or surveilled by the authorities.

· With a religion you can create and vent your own doctrines and beliefs to a captive and receptive audience of people donating money, property and time to your religion and to its officials - even regardless of how ridiculous or erroneous your doctrines and beliefs may be considered by others.

· HUGE TAX ADVANTAGES: Donations received by a religion and by its officials are generally tax-free money under the principle that gifts are not taxable (e.g. a donation must not be required to receive anything of value).
       · Churches, temples, shrines, altars and sanctuaries - even parsonages - are generally free from property taxes.

· Offenses committed against religions and its officials in their official capacities are often considered to be "hate crimes," " which often provide enormous additional protections and penalties under criminal and civil statutes. Religions generally enjoy much greater police protection than do private citizens and many non-religious organizations.

· And if your religion becomes very popular (e.g. LDS, Scientology, Seventh-Day Adventist), it can become enormously socially and politically powerful and wealthy - in spite of the fact that it was founded by one or a few individuals based on their own strong beliefs and experiences and is not an ancient religion.


With your own religion, you of course set the rules and make the decisions as to what the various positions and ranks of your members will be, including your own position and rank. Traditionally, religious officials, and often their relatives and friends, enjoy in their religious communities numerous special privileges, protections and other great benefits which ordinary people never get to enjoy:

· You perform wedding, funeral, baptism and other ceremonies, often with requests for "suggested donations," " which is tax-free money for you.

· Proportional to your rank and position, you automatically have leadership, managerial, supervisory and fellowship benefits and opportunities over lesser ranked members of your religion or of no religion, have greater and less-filtered influence in the operation of your religion and your community, are more privy to the inner workings of your religion and community and have greater direct contact with the higher religious and political officials.

· You automatically earn the respect of members of your religion and those in the general community as well.

· If you, or a recognized member of your family, fall into a triage or other survival situation, you/they will likely receive preferential treatment - could mean your and their very survival.

· You are often accorded preferred treatment often in the form of free and reduced-priced products and services, greater opportunities, better treatment of your family, less time spent waiting in lines, better accommodations, and faster and more high quality attention when you get served (e.g. some times a critical factor in triage situations).

· Your personal character and credibility ratings often automatically enjoy a large boost - very useful for many types of personal, business, bureaucratic and legal situations from applying for jobs to serving on juries to testifying in courts, or to overcome past reputational issues.

· As a man of the cloth or a woman of the cloth, you often get special and immediate access to crime, disaster and emergency scenes (e.g. to administer Last Rites), and to hospitals, mental institutions, shelters, sanctuaries, homes, jails, prisons, etc. that surpass those of the press and often parallel and even surpass those of the authorities.

· You often receive free or low-cost invitations to all kinds of government, community, private and special ceremonies, dinners, activities, benefits, dedications, religious fundraisers, charity fundraisers, political fundraisers and other events, some times to officiate over them and often with requests for "suggested donations."

· You can often attain a higher level of tax-free "income" due to gifts of love provided to you by religious supporters. Also, in tax-exempt religions, donations result in tax deductions for their donors.

· As a minister or higher church official, you can serve as a spiritual advisor or counselor, and in many jurisdictions, learn important confidential information you cannot be legally compelled to divulge because you are a member of a special class protected by legal immunity.

· While we can not provide legal advice or legal opinion or make legal claims, clearly courts cannot adjudicate religious beliefs and doctrines (courts can and do adjudicate religious practices - not doctrines and beliefs). Period. Therefore, if your new church 'screams from every rooftop' that, based upon its doctrines and beliefs, a certain person or other entity is Satanic, evil, The Antichrist, or for that matter, it is godly, saintly or sacred, no court in the USA has the legal jurisdiction to render a decision based upon your church doctrine or belief regardless of what it is or how outrageous certain others may consider it. The legal immunities granted to churches and religions based on their religious beliefs and doctrines are enshrined in the First Amendment. Clearly, the First Amendment grants enormous powers to church and religious founders and prophets - powers which even exceed those it grants to lesser religious officials, like bishops, ministers and deacons.

This great manual details how to start your own religion, the usually required but often overlooked critical elements before your organization will be considered a religion, information on applying for tax exemption, and many suggestions and tips on how to start and how to run your own religion or church. After much thought, research and prayer, we started my own successful religion, THE CHURCH OF BIBLE PROPHECY (a Judeo-Christian religion), when we could not find any existing religion which scientifically, effectively, systematically, objectively and boldly researched, analyzed and exposed Biblical End Time prophecies, helped their members survive and prosper during The End Times and boldly ferreted out and exposed modern good and evil people and entities. (We originally considered naming The Church, "The Church of Prophecy and even "The Church of Bible Code Prophecy" or "The Church of Biblecode Prophecy" before deciding on "The Church of Bible Prophecy" name; The Church of Bible Prophecy uses as part of its Shrine, The Ark of The Covenant Symbol). Since only 2006, The Church of Bible Prophecy now flourishes with 500+ baptized Members worldwide!

In addition, this manual describes in detail how THE CHURCH OF BIBLE PROPHECY ("The Church"; Albuquerque, NM) was created from scratch by one individual who is not an attorney, accountant or tax expert, and serves as insights to the type of things you may want in your religion, and includes detailed sections on:









Thank you very much for your interest, time and attention. Please buy my book today! Even if you yourself are not interested in starting your own religion, perhaps you know someone who is. Whether or not you are interested in buying my book, if you have any interest, comment or opinion on it, please email me. If your interest, comment or opinion is of a religious or spiritual nature, then you must separately contact The Church of Bible Prophecy. John Williams

NOTE #1: These proprietary details on The Church are not being provided for anyone to copy The Church of Bible Prophecy, but only to provide you insights as to what is required to start and operate your own church or religion based on your own unique religious doctrines and beliefs. Your church's or religion's own religious beliefs, doctrines, goals, objectives, terminology, organization, policies, rules, regulations, scriptural foundations, sacraments, shrines, membership application, membership oath, prayer, etc. will of course be unique to YOUR own church or religion. Furthermore, while this manual does contain The Church's actual Membership Application Form and Oath as insights as to how they are done, purchase of this manual does not include or guarantee membership in The Church, or any offer of employment or affiliation with The Church, or any offer to set up a branch or affiliate of The Church, or in any way transfers or conveys any Church proprietary right or in any other way obligates The Church to the buyer of this manual. This sale is limited to a copy of the manual only.

NOTE #2: This manual is not being sold by The Church or by the author in his Church capacity as The Revelator of The Church of Bible Prophecy, but by the author in his commercial, secular, non-Church capacity. Neither The Church nor the Revelator assumes any responsibility for the content of this book or its advertisements.

NOTE #3: The author is not an attorney, accountant, professional financial advisor or tax expert, therefore, he provides no advice or opinion which would require a licensed attorney, accountant, financial advisor, tax advisor or anything else requiring a license. All statements found in this ad or manual are the personal lay opinions of the author. As with everything the author writes and publishes, including this ad and book, they are provided for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only, and of which he takes no responsibility for their content.

Author John Williams, M.S.E.E. ( See our many other high-tech survival publication offers. Estimated word count for this manuals is, 27,400. DISCLAIMER: we assume no responsibility for this or any other publication of mine. Sold for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Sold "as is." No return or refund.


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With the End Times now upon us, more and more people of Judeo-Christian religious beliefs are moving closer to God through prayer and other profound demonstrations of religious faith.

One excellent demonstration of religious faith is to create a reasonably accurate replica, model or mock-up of the Ark of The Covenant (also spelled "Arc of The Covenant") for yourself, your family and/or your church.

By dedicating yourself to such an awesome project, you will soon learn that finding the cherubim or angel pair on top of The Ark of The Convenant is next to impossible. That's what we encountered when we built The Ark of The Covenant Symbol for The Church of Bible Prophecy, which is now enshrined in The Shrine of The Church of Bible Prophecy (Ark Tabernacle), Albuquerque, NM.

I personally enjoyed, was greatly inspired and was spiritually fulfilled in making this Ark replica for my church. It was a challenging craft job. In my opinion, The Ark of The Covenant is the singularly most important and revered artifact described in The Holy Bible (closely followed by The Holy Grail), and an Ark replica is great not only as a loving religious tribute, but it is also perfect for your own personal or family altar, shrine, chapel, religious retreat, nook, reliquary, sacrarium or chancel, placed in your special display case (a great family heirloom!), to honor its special meaning on holy days, such as Christmas, Easter and Passover, as a special chest for your Holy Bible, and sacred religious artifacts. And creating your own Ark of The Covenant replica is unsurpassed as a special church project or activity - especially great for getting young adults and kids hands-on involvement and experience in religious activities and projects, and for learning and remembering Bible stories, such as those about Moses and The Ten Commandments. When they grow up and become parents and grandparents - should the world survive that long - wouldn't it be just great that among their fondest of memories was the building of their Ark of The Covenant replica with YOUR help and YOUR guidance and how much it meant to them, how much they learned from it, and how much they appreciate you for making it possible for them!

While the Holy Bible is very descriptive in how The Ark was built, starting in Exodus 25, it apparently still left out many important details. The result is today there are various depictions on what The Ark actually looked like, including variations in the cherubim (angels). Even the function of The Ark is heavily debated, and include purported uses as a chest, throne-seat and footstool, or combination of throne-seat and chest or footstool and chest. However, in virtually every depiction of the cherub pair, they are positioned on top of The Ark, facing each other, with their wings outstretched facing Heaven or overshadowing / overreaching / bent over The Mercy Seat (or Kapporet - essentially the lid of The Ark).

Even with the variations of the pair of cherubs standing bent over, kneeling, sitting and squatting We have seen, trying to find a solid gold, plated gold or even brass cherub pair of approximately the right size, leaning forward and with wings heavenly pointed is very difficult. Sure, there are tons of angels out there, but once you've eliminated the cupids, the ones holding or doing something inappropriate, the ones of the wrong position, size and material, and the single angels that might work if there were only two of them, there is virtually none left. And if you can't find a satisfactory existing angel pair, you must make a pair of angels or have a pair made for you (expensive and time-consuming) or give up on the wonderful experience of making a reasonably accurate replica of The Ark.

After months of exhaustive searching, plowing through numerous antique stores, thrift stores, regular stores and Online sites, one day we stumbled on several new, expensive, brass angel pairs in an antique store that come very close to satisfying the Holy Bible's described appearance of The Ark cherubim for my replica for The Church. While no other angel figures came close, these were perfect angels in both appearance and size for the Ark angels we needed. After completing The Ark of the Covenant Symbol for The Church, we now have a few of these angel pairs left over - a very limited quantity. This sale is for one pair of these brass Ark angels. A photo of The Ark of The Covenant Symbol at The Church of Bible Prophecy showing the angel pair from this group is found on its home page.

The first image is one of the pairs of the angels you will get. They all look very similar but are not identical (probably handmade), so the image may not be of the exact pair you are getting. Each angel is 4" tall (wing tip-to-ground vertical distance), 2-3/4" wingspan, and pitched forward at about a 60-degree angle. Each angel is one piece, and appears to be standing on a branch with two large leaves at its feet. For the pair we used, we drilled holes in the leave base to mount them to the replica chest. They can be attached any way you want to with screws, cement, velcro, etc.

The second image is what The Ark of Covenant Symbol in its Shrine Cradle we made for The Church of Bible Prophecy looks like with the cherubim we used. NOTE: This Ark of The Covenant replica is NOT included with the purchase of the cherubim but is the property of The Church of Bible Prophecy, is considered priceless by The Church and is not for sale at any price (this second image is provided to us with the courtesy of The Church of Bible Prophecy, which is NOT a participant in this sale of the cherubim pair).

This angel pair is not limited to doing Ark models. These beautiful angels can be integrated into any other relevant religious or craft project you have either individually or as a pair (e.g. altar, Christmas tree decorations, accompanying religious statue or religious painting, manger scene / Nativity scene, for a very special Christmas gift, Easter activity, wedding cake figure or other wedding use, baptisms, funeral uses, etc.).

May you have the greatest of successes and blessings in creating your own Ark of The Covenant replica!

Should you have an opinion or question about it, please email me. And tell your friends.


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RARE Internal Revenue Service AUDIT STATUE

Used and in very good condition. A couple of small rub marks, see image of statue back. Rare, brass infamous IRS AUDIT Statue. Metalware sculpture looks and feels like brass. 7" tall, 3-5/8" wide. Shows once-wealthy guy sitting on a rain barrow in his expensive finery - now impoverished and homeless with a disheveled tuxedo with hanging bow tie - and a sad grimace on his face. The front of the rainbarrow has an unfurled paper which reads, "IRS AUDIT". While mostly based on early 20th Century imagery of taxation victimization; update it today, and the gentleman is a Conservative or Tea Party member, or wealthy businessman, or Devout Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christian. Great humorous sarcastic imagery and conversational piece about the real IRS of today if you are a Conservative politician, businessman, Christian clergy or Devout Believer, or a professional accountant or CPA, this IRS Audit statue is perfect for you! Great to place in a conspicuous place if you expect the IRS to visit you, or as a stark reminder to your accountant and/or tax preparer when he/she visits with you. Perfect for your desk or display case. Note, that this is an IRS AUDIT STATUE - not an IRS AUDIT STATUTE.

LIMITED QUANTITY. We have only one of these rare IRS Audit Statues left to sell. When it sells, there will be no more.

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Are YOU Mentioned In the Holy Bible?

Are Your Loved Ones In the Holy Bible?

Would You Like to Find Out?

From seeing if you or your loved ones are in the Bible, to selecting baby names and name changes, to checking out world leaders, politicians, celebrities, historical figures, historical places, historical events, etc., Bible Codes are critical to you - even if you, yourself, do not believe in Bible Codes (because others in positions of power and influence who do believe in them probably use Bible Codes to make decisions critical to YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES - see below!)

By John Williams, M.S.E.E.

(Bible Codes Researcher, and Scholar,

Hello. Please note that nothing stated herein is intended to criticize or offend anyone's belief or lack of belief in God, The Holy Bible, or Bible Codes / Torah Codes but only to offer my services as a Bible Code researcher primarily to those who feel they need Bible Code / Torah Code research services to find out if they are in the Holy Bible, and if so, in what context, and in addition, to help protect themselves and loved ones from being targeted by those in positions of power who believe in Bible Codes and are likely heavily using Bible Codes to discriminate against others (just like some do with handwriting analysis). Today, whether or not people believe in God, The Holy Bible and Bible Codes is almost irrelevant to their need for Bible Code research services.

We live in an increasingly religious society where more and more people are putting a great dependence on The Holy Bible for guidance. Many people now believe that The Bible - especially the Hebrew Torah as dictated to Moses by God - contains much more data than just the words themselves, and that this hidden or encoded data is what has become known today as The Bible Code.

In August 1989, an Israeli mathematician revealed in a published scientific work that there is encoded data within the ancient Hebrew Torah. On September 1, 1994, the famous author Michael Drosnin passed a letter to a close friend of the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. It warned that the name Yitzhak Rabin was crossed by the term "assassin that will assassinate" in the Hebrew Torah. On the 4th November 1995 Yitzhak Rabin was indeed assassinated and the phenomenon of the "The Bible Codes" became indelibly imprinted in the minds of Bible readers and scholars globally (later Bible Code research also revealed the name of Prime Minister Rabin's assassin, that his assassin was an Israeli Jew, and the year of Rabin's assassination).

Some other examples of what the Bible Codes have predicted and revealed out of the 1,000+ world events found in the Bible using Bible Code software:

Predicted and Reported ahead of time the exact date that the first Gulf War started.

Predicted and Reported ahead of time the July, 1994, Shoemaker-Levy Comet Collision with Jupiter (including the exact Date of Impact).

Predicted and Reported the Election of Bill Clinton six months before Clinton was elected.

Predicted the World Trade Center terrorist attack, and the names of the Terrorists.

Predicted the Abraham Lincoln Assassination / Execution.

Predicted the President John Kennedy Assassination / Execution.

Predicted the Robert Kennedy Assassination / Execution.

Predicted the Martin Luther King Assassination / Execution.

Predicted the Anwar Sadat Assassination / Execution.

Predicted the Existence of Space Aliens.

Predicted the Apollo 11 Landing on the Moon, including Neil Armstrong's famous words, "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

Predicted the Sinking of the Titanic.

Predicts that a great Anthrax Outbreak being caused by a Biological Weapon will occur.

Predicted World War II, and Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin and their associations with World War II.

Predicted Watergate.

Predicted the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Predicted the Moon Landing.

Predicted the 1929 Stock Market Crash, and The Great Depression.

Predicted the American Revolution and its 1776 date.

Predicted Napoleon Bonaparte and Waterloo.

Predicted Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Predicted Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Picasso, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and others.

Predicted the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, and others.

Revealed the War in Heaven.

Revealed the Precise Planetary Orbital details (Book of Revelation).

Predicted and Predicts the Catholic Popes Past, Present and Future. Who killed Pope John Paul we ?

Predicted the Names, and Dates of Births and Deaths of numerous Famous Rabbis.

Is your name or that of a loved one or associate in the Bible Codes? Or some great future event that might directly involve you or one of your loved ones?

The Bible Codes programs reveal the hidden messages in The Bible, especially in the Hebrew Torah (first five books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, also called the Pentateuch, The Five Books of Moses, The Books of Law, and The Book of the Law of The Lord), and in the Hebrew Tanach (The Tanakh, the Hebrew version of the entire Old Testament, including the Torah (24 Books in the Hebrew version, 39 books in most Christian versions, but actually the same text)) using statistical mathematical techniques, referred to respectively as Torah Codes and Tanach Codes.

Consider also that while errors occur in virtually all other books, if even one letter is missing or displaced in the copying of the Torah the copy is considered to be unuseable - the exact same Torah found in Bible Code software is the exact same Torah used for 1,000s of years.

Note that Equidistant Letter Spacing (ELS) is just an arbitrary mathematical tool used by Bible Code researchers, and is not to imply that ELS is the only valid mathematical tool for The Holy Bible, or that ELS theory is somehow "magical," "blessed" or "preordained." we predict that a time will come when other mathematical analysis tools are used - search programs based on universal constants, and on mathematical theorems, series and equations such as the Fibonacci Series (which also relates to the Golden Ratio, also known as "God's Ratio"), and other mathematical algorithms will be used to find Bible Codes, each one possibly representing one of the seven sealed scrolls in The Book of Revelation. You heard it here first, folks! Please note that what has become known as "Jesus Codes" / "Yeshua Codes" is a subset of all Bible Codes.

Unlike some other Bible Code researchers who believe that EVERY human fact is recorded in Bible Codes, we believe that only those people, places and events that have a substantial good or evil aspect to them that have or will have a substantial impact on mankind are in the Bible Codes. And that therefore, the Bible Codes are useless for predicting what stocks will go up tomorrow, whether or not you will have fun on your vacation to Maui or whether or not your football team will beat the rival team across town - unless some very great good or evil event will occur related to the stock, Maui during your vacation period, or that particular football game. The profound events found in the Bible Codes and of most interest to Bible Code researchers relate to wars, assassinations, diseases, pestilences and pandemics (the Bird Flu is big now), other natural disasters (crop failures, famine, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, typhoons, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, droughts), manmade disasters, terrorism, coming of the End Times (The Second Coming, The Rapture, The Great Tribulation, and the rebuilding of the Temple are big now), in addition to the interest in especially good persons and especially evil persons.

To analyze terms using a Bible Codes program, one first enters the first, key term, usually the surname of a person or the name of a place or other proper nown, which one has transliterated from English into Hebrew (transliteration, as opposed to translation, converts the noun into Hebrew so that when a Hebrew-speaker reads aloud the same name in Hebrew it sounds closely like the English-language pronunciation). The user then enters all subsequent terms, which are usually nouns, verbs and expressions. The results of a Bible Codes analysis, if the terms are found in the Bible, is usually in the form of a matrix consisting of a section of the analyzed Bible text that has as many of your search terms as possible. Each sets of finds - even for the same terms - produces a new matrix, so the end result may be several matrices in Hebrew with each found term using a different color, and a table defining what each Hebrew term and its color means in English so that the user can point to a find in a matrix and know right away as to what English term that translates or transliterates into.

It should be noted that Bible Code researches of people usually require at least 3 terms: (1) The surname as the first term, (2) The first name as the second term, (3) Sometimes a middle name as the third term, and (4) At least one term for an attribute, event or location. The attribute terms, event terms and location terms usually relate to some very bad or good attribute, historical event or distinct location you believe are somehow associated with or unique to the person. Some highly famous and successful people are known only by one name - which may not even be related to their birth name (e.g. Napoleon, Einstein, Madonna, Cher, Fabio, etc.). Also, a handful of family names are so unique that one can search them without first names based on what we call, "The sins of their fathers" principle. The attribute/event/location terms are very important because without them many matrices are likely to appear with the names only standing out and the attributes/events/locations buried in the background and undecipherable and unreadable to most people. Attribute terms, of course, allow you to see if the name is associated with good and/or bad attributes in the Bible Codes. Locations and events help you to narrow down the name to one particular person among all persons who share that name. So if you are going to be picking baby names or getting your name changed, for examples, the entire name should be considered.

Many believers in The Holy Bible or God, including Biblical scholars, religious leaders, mathematicians and scientists of great credibility and impressive credentials agree with me, some of whom believe that the Bible Codes / Torah Codes are in fact another manifestation of Intelligent Design. However, many people who are not avid literal believers in The Holy Bible or God, also including Biblical scholars, religious leaders, mathematicians and scientists of great credibility and impressive credentials don't agree with me. It should be noted that Bible Codes determined through ELS analysis are not the only "Bible Codes" found in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible has many mysteries to it, including many other non-ELS examples of codes in the Bible:

· Rabbis interpret some words in the Hebrew Bible as actually meaning entire phrases - each letter of certain words represent a different word or phrase (e.g. the first word in the Holy Bible, "Br'shyt" ("in the beginning") actually means for example, "in the beginning God saw that Israel would accept the Torah"),

· Words in the Holy Bible were apparently placed out of their natural order for special effect or impact (e.g. in Genesis 6:9, in the phrase, "Noah walked with God," Noah occurs at the end of the phrase, when it is read backwards, "Enoch" is revealed, who was another famous Biblical person who also, "walked with God," Genesis 5:24),

· When Moses inquired of God what his name was, God responded with the cryptic phrase, "We are who We are " (Exodus 3:14), which words relate to God's personal name, Yahweh,

· The numerical value of YHWH (Yahweh) is 10+5+6+5, the sum of the letter squares are 186, which is also the numerical value of MQWM, which means, "place." Bible scholars believe this signifies that God is omnipresent,

· Although God is not mentioned directly in the Book of Esther, God's name is hidden in an acrostic, the first four letters of four succeeding Hebrew words at a critical point in the book are, "YHWH,"

· Jacob dreamed about a ladder ascending into heaven, the numerical value for the Hebrew word for ladder equals that for the word, "Sinai." Bible scholars believe that this proves that the Law of Moses (the Torah), which was revealed on Mt. Sinai, was the "ladder" that takes believers from earth into heaven.

· The Holy Bible also has cryptograms, called atbash, which created code words by sustituting the first letter of the alphabet with the last letter, the second for the next-to-the-last, and so forth (e.g. in Jeremiah 51:41, "Sheshach" is a cryptogram for "Babylon").

Whether or not YOU should believe in God, The Holy Bible or the Bible Codes or take them seriously is totally up to you and your responsibility alone, and nothing we say about The Holy Bible or Bible Codes is intended to in any way convince you to believe in either (please do NOT contact us to tell us that my religious, Holy Bible or Bible Code beliefs are wrong - like most people of strong religious faith, we have already heard it all). However, whether or not you believe in Bible Codes may still be critical to YOU (see below for reasons why)! We are talking about a system BASED ON THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD backed up by solid mathematics - not some fortune telling system, such a astrology, palm readings, tea readings, bone readings, Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal balls, psychic powers, voodoo incantations, chants, magic codes, magic tricks, Nostradamus, The Da Vinci Code, game playing, or any other system or personality unrelated to or even contrary or hostile to the Inspired Word of God. Bible Code scholars are not gamers, guessers, fortune tellers, psychics, spiritualists, magicians, ghost busters or people who claim to speak to the dead, but serious researchers of the Holy Bible. And Bible Codes / Torah Codes are only tangentially related to the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism). Please just maintain an open mind about Bible Codes until you are proven one way or the other of their value.

Religious critics of Bible Codes claim that nothing in the Holy Bible plaintext specifically mentions the term. My belief is that the "Sealed Book" referred to in Revelation is in fact the Holy Bible that until relatively recent times and the advent of computers was essentially sealed from revealing its Bible Code data. No other book but the Bible could even remotely qualify as the "Sealed Book." Furthermore, The Rapture and The Great Tribulation are also not specifically mentioned in the plaintext Bible, which concepts were cobbled together about a century ago from several distant parts of the Bible, especially The Book of Daniel and Revelation. In fact, nothing in the Holy Bible gives permission for combining distant parts of the Bible to obtain a better understanding of it, yet most religious scholars believe that permission to do so is implied. Therefore, it is equally permitted to obtain a higher understanding of the Bible using Bible Codes as it is to combine passages from various books of the Bible.

While we respect the rights of those skeptics who loudly proclaim that the Bible Codes don't work or don't exist, unfortunately, skeptics have never been big at being either open-minded or tolerant to those who don't swallow their every proclamation. We also believe that there are many evil people in this world, mostly secretly operating, and many in positions of great power - world leaders, legislators, judges, bureaucrats, career skeptics and their minions, deciples and sycophants - who will go to any means to justify the persecution of good people - especially people who profess any kind of belief or dependence on God or The Bible.

WHY WOULD BIBLE CODE RESEARCH BE CRITICAL TO ME?: The Holy Bible has all the answers, all you have to do is know where and how to look for them. We truly hope that you will let us help you unlock the secrets of The Holy Bible important to you the best we can. While Bible Codes could always be calculated manually and thus have been readily available for as long as The Holy Bible existed, only in this modern computer age we now live in can they be calculated extremely rapidly, extensively and precisely (no human counting errors) using computers and sophisticated software (some Bible Code scholars, including myself, believe that the advent of the Computer Age is the unsealing of the Sealed Book described in End of Times prophecy - the Sealed Book being the Bible Code revelations "sealed" within The Holy Bible itself until computers were able to unseal them through Bible Codes analysis).

There is another critical reason for using Bible Codes that are equally important to the reasons above - whether or not you believe in Bible Codes! Whether or not you or we believe in the Bible Codes is almost irrelevant when it comes to their application to your life and lives of your loved ones. The fact is there are probably many people in positions of great power (governments, institutions, corporations, secret societies, etc.) who believe in them and regularly resort to them in their decision-making (according to "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin, The U. S. Department of Defense officially evaluated and verified Bible Code accuracy in the 1990s - clearly for some very important official and substantial purpose they were/are going to use Bible Codes for). Unfortunately, many of these officials and other people are very amateurish or reckless at operating Bible Code programs, and in their incompetent, clumsy and negligent efforts will make superficial findings and produce highly erroneous conclusions. Just as many powerful people use amateurish techniques at handwriting analysis to make life-and-death decisions about innocent people at their mercies based on faulty analyis of their handwriting, others similarly abuse their erroneous Bible Codes conclusions to wreak the same injustices. We are talking about powerful politicians, bureaucrats, business executives, police officers, judges, jury members, religious leaders, etc. wrecking good people's lives because of their secret and erroneous Bible Code research. One can only speculate at how many good people have lost jobs or college admissions, had an imporant application turned down, been audited, sent to prison, shunned by their brethren, or otherwise persecuted because some corporate or government official improperly made or used an erroneous Bible Code finding. And of course no one in a position of power will ever admit to using Bible Codes to destroy good and innocent people, no matter how widespread the practice. To my knowledge, no studies have been made or statistics developed regarding the uses and abuses of Bible Code research by individuals, businesses and governments, but with the great popularity of Bible Codes these days and with 1,000s of Bible Code software packages having been distributed, it is reasonable to believe that many people use Bible Codes to regularly, if not routinely, check out themselves and others. You simply cannot afford to take the chance with you or your loved ones!

And it is reasonable to believe that as we grow into a more and more religious nation, the uses and abuses of Bible Codes by people in positions of power will greatly increase in future years - the time may even be near (if not already here) for people to have to pass official Bible Code litmus tests in order to obtain the full rights of citizenship as a purported tactic to try to stop terrorists and criminals (or the Antichrist and his evil minions), just as Hitler used to screen people based on racial purity. Who would have guessed 10 years ago that today you are screened against several lists (including terrorist watch lists and criminal watch lists including 30,000+ names to date and steadily growing), and people have been routinely thrown off of commercial airlines simply because they have the same name and/or `other identifying characteristic' (e.g. they fit a "terrorist profile" / "criminal profile" - read that to mean they probably failed a Bible Code check) of a suspected terrorist or criminal - some of them thrown off repeatedly and even after great and repeated efforts to correct the black list(s) the Government arbitrarily and often capriciously put them on. Since the Government seldom explains who these criminals and terrorists really are, what they are wanted for or why they are still running loose, for all we know they may simply be finds that some bureaucrat made using a Bible Codes program just checking for names and making little or no effort to differentiate between people with the same names, for example, by also checking for locations and historical events unique to individuals. Consider that even if a bureaucrat does not personally believe in Bible Codes (or The Bible), he/she may still Bible Codes-screen people because of secret official orders (spoken and unspoken), or as part of an all-out effort to find terrorists and criminals (terrorist names are in the Bible Codes). And since the Bible Codes screening orders would most certainly be secret and likely unspoken, it is very unlikely that these bureaucrats would receive any competent training in using their Bible Codes programs to search for dangerous people. And since the Government Bible Code screening would likely be massive, the bureaucrats would likely spend little or no time analyzing or correcting for errors. Never expect the Government or corporations to act in a fair, accurate or even rational manner (credit reports are a classical example of such reckless behavior)!

Therefore, we believe it is highly prudent to try to prevent your family and friends from falling into Bible Code screening programs or other Bible Code traps. The only ways you can do that is to avoid hooking up with people with potentially damaging Bible Code matrices, and to avoid naming your own children or others in your family in a way that will produce a Bible Codes nightmare for them. More than one person, for example, can have the same name (especially if it is a relatively common name); that does not mean that if that name produces an evil finding in the Bible Codes that every single possessor of that name is an evil peerson. However, just as you would not want your identity stolen by a terrorist or violent criminal, a prudent person would not want any loved ones of his/hers to be saddled with a name that produces bad Bible Code matrices that can haunt them over the next 80 years of their lives! To the contrary, you would want to advantage them with great Bible Codes names. And the only way one can determine whether any name for a baby or name change produces good or bad Bible Code matrices is through Bible Code research, which we hope you will give us the opportunity to do for you. It seems to us that as a good person you must especially check out everyone you are personally involved with to make absolutely certain none of them have names or will produce names as one of the 100s or 1000s the Bible Codes apparently identify as so evil as to be in the Bible Codes to begin with.

A critic once told me, "Nobody discriminates against people because of their names." Common sense and common experience immediately invalidates that assertion. People are constantly all the time being discriminated against because of their names in many different ways, including from Bible Code findings. Virtually everyone has such ingrained prejudices. For example, what if you are an employer and 5 people submit job applications and by far the most qualified job applicant has the name, "Adolf Hitler / Adolph Hitler." Or "Joseph Stalin." Or "Timothy McVeigh." Yes or No, would you hire this person? Case closed!

And again, there is always great interest in the profound events found in the Bible Codes and of most interest to Bible Code researchers: Wars, assassinations, diseases, pestilences, pandemics, other natural disasters, manmade disasters, terrorism, coming of the End of Days, in addition to the interest in especially good persons and especially evil persons.

Even if you don't believe in Bible Codes, at least have us run your own tests for you so that you either become convinced that they are both accurate and reliable, or with much less chance, you continue to maintain your prejudices against them. And then if anyone should ask you, you can then truthfully tell them that YOU actually had tests run for you and here are your results and conclusions based on YOUR actual tests.

WHY SHOULD we PAY ANYONE TO DO BIBLE CODE RESEARCH FOR ME WHEN we CAN DO IT FOR MYSELF? : Certainly, there are a couple of very good Bible Code research programs (and several that are mediocre and poor - as policy we never recommend for or against another company or product, so please don't ask us which is the best one). But by the time you've purchased the good ones, plus the extra English/Hebrew dictionaries, lexicons, guides and other Bible-related books, you will have likely already spent $100s. Gird up your loins because that's just the beginning. You then have to spend possibly 100s of hours learning the programs, and learning enough Hebrew to accurately transliterate names from English into Hebrew. Finally, after all that, you might be ready to amateurishly bang out a few names. Unless you are already an experienced Bible Code researcher, you are much better off relying upon one for your Bible Code needs because this is something you definitely want to get right without having to make a career out of it.

I get asked a lot about why Bible Code research requires Hebrew, and is it some kind of "Jewish thing." The best Bible Code research software relies upon Hebrew because the Torah in its original Hebrew is exactly how it was dictated to Moses by God, and NOT because: (A) Bible Code software is intended to be limited to Jews (it is not, and many Bible Code scholars, including myself and Sir Isaac Newton, are not Jewish), (B) The creator's of Bible Code software wanted to make life difficult for non-Hebrew-literate Bible Code researchers (not their intention as some produce transliteration guides and include English-Hebrew dictionaries), and/or (C) They wanted to create an exclusive guild of Bible Code scholars (which would not make any sense because it would negatively impact software sales). However, because Bible Code research requires Hebrew, it makes it much more difficult to master by non-Hebrew-literate researchers. Unless you are awash in free time, leave this job to a real Bible Code scholar. There are already enough Bible Code amateurs in the government apparently making critical decisions about people based on their bogus and incompetent research!

HOW DO we GET YOU TO PRODUCE BIBLE CODE MATRICES FOR ME?: It is a simple process. Just purchase this offer, complete the entry below for this service, and send with your payment. We maintain strict confidentiality. Note: All we can do for you is to find and produce what the Bible Code software finds and produces based on YOUR set of search terms. We cannot guarantee that finds will be made, or if made, how many finds will be made or what they will be. And no matter how stark or shocking my results are, we make no claims or conclusions about anyone, any place, any event or anything else that may in any way be associated with any of your search terms. Furthermore, if you choose or influence a name or name change or decide or take any other kind of action based on any Bible Code findings we provide you, we assume no liability for any possible negative or unforeseen consequences or results that may or can arise, if any, to any extent due to your choice, influence, decision and/or action taking, nor do we expect any reward for any positive consequences.

If we are able to find a Bible Code code matrix for you, we will print it out and provide it to you with your terms highlighted. The cost of a Bible Codes research is $50 (total term length of less than 101 characters; Torah search; one matrix result). Since we cannot guarantee what findings, if any, of my Bible Code search for your terms will result, there is no refund of this fee:

What are your terms (put parenthesis around each term; no more than 5 separate terms and 100 total characters; clearly print)? _____________________________________________________ (e.g. "[Roosevelt] [Franklin Delano] [President]" is 3 terms). Note that because of the way the Bible Code programs we have work, all terms must be in either Hebrew or the English language using the 26 letters of the English alphabet (unless it is a date or other number, then it must use 0 - 9 for every digit). Do not use foreign characters or foreign terms. If a term is foreign, you provide the Hebrew or English translation or transliteration you wish for us to use instead. If a name is foreign, alongside the name, please put the Hebrew or English language phonetic equivalent, and it will be that equivalent that we will transliterate into Hebrew (if in English) and searched for. While most non-name terms can be translated, a some modern terms must be transliterated as they would have had no meaning or equivalent during Moses's time or otherwise cannot be found in the several English/Hebrew dictionaries available to me. Also note that to prevent a huge number of finds for any term, each term should be at least 4 characters long, and if a term is more than about 30 chars. long, a shorter equivalent should be used if possible. NOTE: Since we did not write any of the Bible Code programs we use and the customer provides all of the search terms, we assume NO RESPONSIBILITY and NO LIABILITY for the way they work, for any limitations they have and/or findings, errors or omissions they produce, and for any and all interpretations made from the results of our Bible Code research.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD095. - Price: $50.00

HIGH-TECH EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALISM: Many "high-tech business" owners and their employees today are clearly woefully ignorant of the high technologies they sell (including some giant electronic parts houses!). ABQ Techzonics of Albuquerque, NM, USA, is owned by John Williams, M.S.E.E. Mr. Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed EMSCO); Professor of Computer Science (New Mexico State University (NMSU)); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force); Health Physicist (National Institutes of Health (NIH)), etc. Williams is also currently President of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and CEO of While we don't know everything about everything tech (no one does), we have a high level of expertise. We sell a lot of electronic components / electrical components. Most of these electronic components / electrical components are small electronic parts / electrical parts, such as integrated circuits, optical devices, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, transformers, inductors, capacitors, resistors, displays, switches, relays, crystals, oscillators, transducers, sensors, prototyping, connectors, fuses, wire/cable, power components, etc., as well as some larger electronic parts / electrical parts and electronic test equipment, scientific equipment and industrial equipment / parts, electrical equipment / electronic equipment in general, tools, mounting hardware parts, and special materials. And we also buy and trade these types of items (Trade & Buy Offers). And unlike most electrical / electronic components sellers, many of the electrical / electronic component, etc. lots we buy we set aside some of the electrical / electronic parts, etc. for our own electronic projects and research. We sell those electrical / electronic parts, etc. we don't use. Our suppliers know that if their electrical / electronic parts, electronic test equipment, etc. aren't excellent, good chance we will discover it and they'll hear about it!

ABQ TECHZONICS (Albuquerque, NM) SELLS, BUYS & TRADES: ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, ELECTRONIC PARTS, ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, Potentiometers (Pots), Varistors, Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Speakers, Relays, Switches, Actuators, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Thermistors, Crystals, Oscillators, Sensors, Transducers, Optoelectronics, Prototyping, Connectors, Headers, Sockets, Pins, Wires, Cables, Displays, Photo, Video, Laser, RF, Microwave, Electronic Modules, Power Adapters, Power Supplies, other Electronic Parts / Electronic Components / Electronic Subassemblies / Electronic Assemblies. EQUIPMENT, DEVICES: Electronic Test Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Computers, Peripherals, Electric Tools, Hand Tools, Mechanics Tools, Precision Tools, Tool Chests. MORE TECH STUFF: Commercial/Industrial/Scientific/Laboratory Valves, Fittings, Hardware Parts, Mechanical Parts, Supplies, Special Materials, Personal Security, Survival (Survivalists / Preppers), Radionics, Crafts, Hobbies, Strange & Unusual, Religious & Spiritual, Books, Manuals, Software, Collectibles.

SOURCES OF ITEMS ABQ TECHZONICS SELLS: Surplus, online auctions, hamfests, private sales, business moving sales, overstocks, job lots, wholesale lots, estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops, charity auctions, flea markets, hardware trades, abandoned storage, lost & found property sales, discontinued items, obsolete items, warehouse inventory updates, excess inventories, liquidations, business closures and out-of-business sales, foreclosure sales, bankruptcies, government auctions / government sales, new salvage sales, and other sources for integrated circuits (ICs), electronic parts / electronic components, hardware, special materials, etc., Albuquerque, NM area preferred but will buy from anywhere. ABQ Techzonics is both a wholesale sellers/wholesale traders/wholesale buyers and retail sellers/retail traders/retail buyers, largely depending on quantity.

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