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Political, Legal, Law, Lawsuit & Legislation Books & Manuals:


New, hard copy or eBook. If you file a lawsuit, your #1 concern until trial will likely be preventing its loss from dismissal or summary judgment. If you allow it to be lost, you will lose your chances of being vindicated by the courts, probably be charged defendant's costs - perhaps even his fees - as well as yours. Your case won't even reach trial or settlement until it leaps over the dismissal and summary judgment barriers.

You are in greatest danger of losing your lawsuit through dismissal or summary judgment, if: (1) You are pro se, (2) You are suing the government or a gov. official, (3) You are suing a powerful corporation, celebrity, or friend of the judge, or (4) You are alleging Civil Rights violations or RICO.

Your case can be dismissed - regardless of how egregious the injury to you - due to even a small infraction of a Rule - your merits may not even be considered. It could even be dismissed sua sponte - giving you no leave to amend, hearing, discovery, right to refile (i.e. dismissed "with prejudice"), and res judicata applied.

This very informative manual describes applicable parts of about 140 precedent cases relating to protecting the right to survive dismissal and summary judgment for good cases.

Citations of Authorities is broken down into General, Rule 12(B) and Rule 56 (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure), Pro Se, Civil Rights / Human Rights, Conspiracy, Alternative Theories, Circumstantial Evidence, Disputed Facts and Contradictory Inferences, Equitable Relief, Immunity (Sovereign, Absolute and Qualified), Long/Detailed Complaint Precedents, "Conclusory Allegations," and 28 USC 1915. Also includes comprehensive discussions on Optimum Complaint Preparation, Judgment Analysis (including how judicial non-decisions are dealt with), Rule 8(a)(2) vs. Heightened Pleadings, Demurrer (some States) vs. Motion to Dismiss (Federal), Judicial Immunity, the Holodeck Court and how it is best overcome, Judicial Defamation of a Party (and applicable case precedents), Unpublished and Secret Law, the Corruption and Contamination of Case Law, Standing, and Rule 11(c) issues.

While this manual is primarily geared to Federal Court plaintiffs, most states pattern their Rules and use the same case law as Federal Courts. If you are a defendant, you need to be able to anticipate and quickly reply to plaintiff's responses to your motions to dismiss and for summary judgment.

Just like it is foolish to bring your car to a mechanic without understanding what is wrong with it, it is foolish to file pro se or bring your case to an attorney without understanding the law and how it works. You are usually given only a few days to respond to a motion to dismiss or summary judgment, and legal research is complex, time-consuming and tedious - even if you have a law library nearby! You need to have the case law ammo right at your fingertips so you can immediately address the issues of the attack against you. Frank, concise and comprehensive.

Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

Estimated word count of manual = 21,600 words.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD049, LR092-S00. - Price: $39.95


New, hard copy or eBook. Written by pro se "RICO SUAVE (John Williams). Federal Civil RICO (FCR) is one of the most complex areas of law, understood by few, apparently including some attorneys and judges at all levels. Yet, it is the most powerful weapon one can use against the ever-plentiful supply of corrupt corporations, financial institutions, politicians and bureaucrats. If you've got a good FCR case, and you win, you are entitled to treble damages plus your fees and costs. And if you become recognized as one of those rare Civil RICO Masters, likely the legal parasites and vultures that plague our society will think twice about trying to "legally" rip you off - they'll kiss a rattlesnake first! The only way to effectively stop the legal blackmail is make your opponent so fearful of you that he'll bolt up in bed in the middle of the night soaked in a cold sweat! And if you've got justice due you, chances are the entity that owes you will pay up a lot faster and greater (and hope like hell they never hear from you again), rather than face your wrath in court. Describes the 9 major advantages of FCR over other types of lawsuits; how Rule 11(c) and 54(d) are avoided; insights into Predicate Acts, Pattern of Racketeering Activity, Relationship, Continuity, Enterprise, Person, Injury, Victim, and Conspiracy, and 14 other RICO-related topics; sections 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965 and 1967, and critical differences in 1962(a), (b) and (c); dozens of Supreme Court and Appellate RICO case law cites with annotations; "Common Sense" ideas; the Ultimate FCR Pleading Case Statement; and Civil Rico Pleading Common Mistakes that must be avoided (even one of which can be very costly or fatal) - the ultimate in strategies and tactics for the RICO plaintiff and defendant. Describes a loophole that may allow plaintiff to become a "prevailing party" as a powerful defense against Rule 11(c) and 54(d) - EVEN IF HIS CASE IS DISMISSED OR LOST IN SUMMARY JUDGMENT (RICO or non-RICO)!! Frank, concise and comprehensive. Ideal for pro se litigants, attorneys, attorney clients, and all others interested in the law.

Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

Estimated word count of manual = 15,800 words.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD061, LR092-S00. - Price: $29.95


New, hard copy or eBook. Shocking expose' of how our judicial system really "works"! Throw away your civics books because very little found in them about a fair and just judiciary applies today. Exposed are the cavernous depths of the confusion, dysfunction, dishonesty, favortism, greed, and malice of our judicial system, secret law, unpublished law, and the contamination and distortion of the case law. Learn how few and diminishing our freedoms now are.

Did you know, for example: (1) That judges with jurisdiction can't be sued even when they are clearly corrupt, malicious or incompetent. (2) That some judges tailor-make non-precedential decisions based on who the litigants are while ignoring and-or contradicting the Constitution, statutes, and their own binding precedents; (3) That in some Federal Courts, if you file a human rights complaint against the Government, the Court will civilly "convict" you of being a violent criminal, although you have no criminal or violent history, and then totally ignore your human rights causes of action - just like in the former Soviet Union; (4) That Federal Courts have now placed Veterans under the Feres Doctrine (as a Disabled Veteran, we can tell you that this is a very big issue with Veterans).

Today, the Judiciary is by far the most powerful branch of Government. It now essentially picks our President, and both favors and punishes officials at all levels of Government - mostly based on its own self-serving political agenda. Virtually no day goes by now where there is not another destructive judicial decision clearly based on judicial corruption, stupidity and-or malice. Most Americans who are still skating on the ever-thinning layer of ice of our superficial freedoms don't realize just how close we now are to chaos and tyranny. How secret law and agendas now govern us. How the case law is now so contaminated, distorted and abused that it is beyond recovery.

Manual details: Unpublished / Non-Precedential Case Law, Secret and Sealed Law, How Publishing Affects Precedential Value and Rights, How Unpublishing Violates The Constitution, Law and Rights (Article III, Free Speech, Right to Petition, Due Process, Equal Protection, Rule of Law, Stare Decisis), Contamination and Distortion of the Case Law, Relevant Judicial Statistics, and How our Judicial System Really Works (How Fairly or Unfairly Will You Be Treated, Absolute Judicial Immunity, and The Holodeck Court and Litigation Vortex). Where to find unpublished case law. How to shrewdly maneuver through such a grossly unfair and unjust, inconsistent and dysfunctional system to best obtain justice. Frank, concise and comprehensive.

Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

Estimated word count of manual = 18,100 words.

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD049, LR062-S00. - Price: $29.95


New, hard copy or eBook. Suing the United States Federal Government and Federal officials is a complex process, laden with many very costly and fatal traps and pitfalls awaiting unwary litigants - especially pro se litigants. But if you win and are deserving, you can win very, very big! To win, you MUST understand how to navigate this lawsuits maze step-by-step, else your case will almost surely be dismissed - possibly with sanctions against you. Many lawsuits against the government and Federal officials are dismissed because the litigant or his/her attorney failed to adequately understand how this complex process really works before filing the lawsuits (as they say, "ignorance of the law is no excuse")

Consists of two pages: The first page is a flow chart and annotations - step-by-step through this complex FTCA administrative complaint, Bivens (i.e. Civil Rights), non-Bivens, and court litigation processes - showing where the traps and pitfalls lie. At a quick glance, you know where you are and what to expect next. The second page includes a list of dozens of common law torts that the Government has waived its sovereign immunity (i.e. causes of action in which the Government can be sued for), and how Civil RICO fits in.

Do you know how qualified, absolute and sovereign immunity, and "scope of authority," "discretion," "due care," " the FTCA, Civil Rights, non-Civil Rights, negligence, intentional torts, etc all fit in, what the defenses are - especially immunities - and how they are overcome? Where "official capacity and "individual capacity" apply? When a "heightened pleading" is required? Do you know when you are entitled to a jury, or to punitive damages and when not? Do you know what major set of Federal officials lack the sovereign immunity that protects most other Federal officials? Revealed in this eye-popping publication!

Ideal for pro se litigants, attorneys, attorney clients, and all others interested in the law.

Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

BUYER: Order by Title (below image) - Email us your order. - List History: LD049. - Price: $29.95


New, hard copy or eBook. Lay pro se scholar and lecturer, John Williams, has clearly outdone himself by boldly re-defining the major fundamental legal term, "Jury Nullification"! Some brief excerpts from the first edition's beginning:


Most definitions we've read of "Jury Nullification" are narrow and incomplete because they only refer to criminal defendants. The correct definition of "Jury Nullification" is:

JURY NULLIFICATION: "Jury Nullification is when a jury renders a verdict in favor or disfavor of one party over the other party - whether it be defendant, plaintiff or prosecutor - in a criminal or civil case - contrary to the law and the facts of the case that established guilt, innocence or level of liability, without regard to the judge's instructions or to the juror's oath to the contrary, and for whatever reason it wishes to that may be noble, ignoble, neutral or for no reason at all."

Jury Nullification (JN) is not the same thing as Jury Review (JR). Jury review... is where the jury decides whether or not the law itself is unconstitutional, and is irrelevant to the facts of the case. Jury review amounts to justice and mercy uniformly applied across the spectrum of all affected parties by a law because the law itself is never or at least seldom applicable to any party or that while the most applicable law itself might be justified, the penalty for breaking the law is far too harsh or far too lenient to justify its continued existence. To the contrary, JN relates to specific parties and issues of individual justice and mercy because while the law is unjust or unmerciful for a particular party it is otherwise applicable to parties under other sets of circumstances.... However, some judges, attorneys and even JN advocates lump the two together under... John Williams's JN definition above is the only correct one because it by far is the most comprehensive and accurate.... while both JN and JR emanate from the Sixth Amendment, they are clearly distinguished from each other and convey two distinct and separate jury rights....

NOTE: JN neither nullifies a jury nor nullifies a law... JN's entire purpose is to nullify individual verdicts. Also note that clearly JN applies differently to a prosecutor or plaintiff than to a defendant. In the case of a prosecutor or plaintiff,...

JN and JR have and continue to have very positive effects on our society. They keep legislators, prosecutors and judges on their toes and under tighter controls. JN and JR played and play a substantial role in religious and press freedom, rights of association and peaceful demonstrations, the abolition of slavery, the right to keep and bear arms, freeing victims of domestic violence who retaliate, the elimination of prohibition, and the building of the labor movement....

Many believe that JN and JR should only be relatively rarely done as most cases and laws do not require them (at least not yet), and if done, they should be strictly limited to noble reasons and causes. In most cases where JN or JR nobly results, the jury believes that... While JN is traditionally relegated exclusively to criminal juries, today it is also extended to civil juries because many government entities these days use the devious and unconstitutional ploy of relegating what normally falls under the criminal law realm into the often juryless civil lawsuit and administrative court realms to avoid, obviate and nullify the Sixth Amendment and other rights exclusive to criminal defendants, and also because often an unjust civil court decision is as punitive and devastating to the wronged party as a criminal conviction, leaving him jobless, homeless and financially destroyed, losing custody of his children, and even killing him if it wrongly denies the wronged party an award needed to treat a deadly disease or injury caused by a well-connected defendant who has abused the law and justice system to get off the hook....

Since the O.J. Simpson trial, JN is the worst-kept secret of the judicial system. Judges refuse to mention it, attorneys are forbidden by law and judicial edict to mention it, you can't find it in many legal references, and it is neither taught in law schools nor in civics and government classes in high schools and colleges. The political and judicial conspiracy to even prohibit the mentioning of JN neither justifies nor obligates juries to ignore it. With so many of our freedoms and privacy going up in smoke, with the government becoming increasingly tyrannical, despotic and vengeful against those who complain about official misconduct, with the judiciary increasingly being stacked by politicized and agenda-driven judges, with most of the case law now secret and unpublished, with more and more criminal cases being relegated to the juryless realms of civil and administrative courts by judges and prosecutors out to gut the Sixth Amendment, with government officials seldom if ever made accountable for their wrongdoings regardless of how egregious, and with the ballot box software now firmly under the control of corrupt and greedy special interests, JN and JR are virtually the only effective remedies left to preserve our freedoms today. In essence, the jury is our Fourth Branch of Government and JN and JR are its lawmaking tools.... the other three branches of government are so determined to defame it, defraud it, censor it, and convert it into a shameless rubber stamp for the Judicial Branch....

Civics class traditionally falsely teaches us that there are three branches of government, each of approximately equal power, and each with checks and balances to stop any abuses from the other two. In fact, the judiciary - especially the Federal Judiciary - is the most powerful and reigns supreme over the other branches of government. The reasons are because... And like some giant creeping alien Blob, the Federal Judiciary relentlessly smothers and devours the other two branches and our freedoms, progressively turning our Country into The Dictatorship of The Judicial Oligarchy....

The U.S. Supreme Court even openly confesses to its gradual, step-by-step undermining of the U.S. Constitution:... (Yates v. Akien... That's how we got absolute immunity for judges and prosecutors and qualified immunity for bureaucrats and the censoring and trashing of JN and JR to begin with, among many other things, that have no support in the Constitution and invalidate the heroic accomplishments of our Founding Fathers....

In all of the years that we, a middle class person, have dealt with Federal cases, ranging from the regular Federal Courts to the VA system, we have never once witnessed even the smallest amount of justice, fairness or decency by a judge in any case where the Government was an opposing party. And based on numerous cases we hear primarily from other pro se activists and disabled veterans, our experiences are in mutual agreement. To paraphrase Jesus, `Beware of those who come to you in black robes but who are inwardly ravenous wolves.'...

The entire justification and purpose of the courts is for the peaceful resolution of disputes. "Peaceful resolution of disputes" requires that disputes be heard in full and then adjudicated on a totally fair and just basis. Since so many people today are being routinely and effectively denied their day in court... Standing inside of a courtroom muttering protestations and disbeliefs as the judge publicly rapes you of your rights and any semblance of justice does not even begin to fulfill the promise of having your day in court. Neither does being able to pay a filing fee and filing your civil case only to have it sua sponte or summarily dismissed without you even given the opportunity to do a discovery....


The legality of JN is now and for some time been hotly disputed.... Almost all judges and prosecutors... very much oppose it....

There are now several popular jury advocacy groups, which include:...

Even for those who view the rights of juries in the narrowest sense -... - there is plenty of room for JN. That is because juries...

JN is not the only source and not even the greatest source of legal decision nullifications. Many decisions are nullified when... Some say that if a servant of the people - a judge - has the power to nullify an otherwise perfectly valid jury decision, then the people have an even much greater right.... As the result, today many of them are as corrupt, malicious, evil and incompetent as humanly possible, and many - especially those or a loved one who have suffered under judicial tyranny themselves - now firmly believe that the only way to combat judicial tyranny is to regularly practice JN. It should also be noted that the legislators who pass the laws that some juries nullify are also servants of the people, and like judges and prosecutors, are required to be subservient to the will and wishes of the people, and also have no grounds to object to JN practices. The only king in America are the people. And since prosecutor and judge servants of the people can show mercy and compassion to criminal and civil defendants, then it goes without saying that so can juries....

... In Horning, the Supreme Court ruled that juries are not entitled to determine what the law is or should be, and that a judge always has the right and duty to tell the jury what the law is based on the facts of the case as he finds them. This is completely different than JN or JR where the jury has a complete and correct understanding of the applicable law and the judge's instructions and their jury oath but nevertheless chooses to ignore them anyhow, when nobly done, for reasons of justice and mercy (JN) or constitutionality (JR). In fact, what Horning does - which is totally proper - is to forbid juries from convicting on lesser charges as a compromise for obtaining enough jury votes just to get some kind of a conviction... Since illegal compromise verdicts are fairly common these days, instructing juries on their JN and JR rights would probably produce more just and certainly legal non-JN/JR and JN/JR verdicts alike, and the judicial system would benefit overall in its increase in fairness, honesty, decency and credibility...

One of the false arguments used to vilify JN and JR is to claim that any juror who does a JN or JR is violating his oath.... In fact, many jury oaths today are barely intelligible.... which incidentally is not prescribed by Federal statute but is simply made up by judges from old judicial tradition... In fact, to include God in the oath but to exclude moral grounds for either acquittal or conviction is a gross misrepresentation of what most people's concept of God is, and is therefore blasphemous to take an oath with...

The oath that judges typically swear to is one in which the judge swears or affirms to uphold the Constitution and to administer justice without respect to persons. Many judges routinely and egregiously violate both provisions... Most jurors consider jury oaths and judge's instructions to be part of the law, and when jurors come to the conclusion that a jury oath which orders them to not do a JN or JR is an unconstitutional and self-serving lie, then their views of and respect for the law in general and judges will also be substantially diminished. And later, when the same juror himself takes an oath as a judge, government official or witness, he is likely to do so with much less respect for his oath as well as for the moral and Constitutional requirements of his office or position. A similar corrosive effect results when a judge's jury instructions is tantamount to ordering a jury to convict without regard to justice, mercy or constitutionality but only based on the evidence alone, or on the evidence and the technicalities of the law....


Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

Estimated word count of manual = 22,600 words.

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New, hard copy or eBook. The Achilles heel of most lawsuits in the record keeping system. If you are involved in a lawsuit either as a plaintiff or defendant, it is absolutely essential that you create a filing system - preferably from the get-go - that will allow you to quickly and efficiently both store and retrieve all of the relevant records of your case. Even the loss or mislaying of one important record can wreck an otherwise near perfect and deserving case. This manual comprehensively and thoroughly describes how to build and maintain your legal filing system from the Pre-Complaint Stage to After It Is All Over, with the Complaint & Initial Exchanges, PreTrial & Discovery, Trial & Settlement, and Court of Appeals Stages in between. In addition, it comprehensively describes The Document Retention and Destruction Policy, the Computerized Part of Your Legal Filing System, and The Initial Case Steps. Legal mistakes can be extremely costly in YOUR money and YOUR time. Whether you go pro se or hire an attorney, the court holds YOU responsible for YOUR CASE. Frank, concise and comprehensive.

Author John Williams (, among other pro se activities, lectured on "Pro Se Litigation" at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM, June 8, 2002. See all of his popular legal-type publications: "JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!," "LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS," "UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW," "SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO," "SUING U.S. GOVERNMENT and OFFICIALS," "LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS," and "POLYGRAPH SECRETS."

Estimated word count of manual = 11,700 words.

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Assault Rifles, Extended Magazines, Gun Massacres, Big Pharma
NRA & Scapegoating of the Mentally Ill by Government

Gun Laws and Regulations Must Not be Passed That Limit
Access to Guns By the Non-Violent "Mentally Ill" -
Support is Badly Needed For Our Efforts - Now!

NOTE: Some of the Text Below is Outdated Material. The Manual You Will Receive Will Have Many Updates In It, and Will Discuss More About Tom Udall, and About Donald Trump and Others of Great Importance to This Critical Topic

NOTE: This booklet is based on the true beliefs of The Church of Bible Prophecy, Albuquerque, NM ( While it is brutally frank, shocking and controversial, in our opinion, it is the best expose which digs down to the brutal truth on the scapegoating of the mentally ill as a false solution for ending gun murders in general and gun massacres in particular. Neither Consumertronics nor The Church of Bible Prophecy assume any responsibility for this booklet. If you are easily offended or will likely be offended by this booklet, do not buy this booklet - don't even read any further. If you intend to provide this booklet to anyone who is easily offended or will likely be offended by it, do not buy this booklet. Some of the information in this booklet is discussed below, with much additional information in the booklet itself. This booklet concisely describes this topic, the Church's beliefs about it, and the incredible loving and compassionate work of the Church of Bible Prophecy to help support, defend and protect the mentally ill from being further scapegoated, victimized and brutalized by corrupt and incompetent politicians, bureaucrats, medical professionals, the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma), the NRA (National Rifle Association), the food and supplements industries, and others with ulterior motives who profit from guns, victimizing the mentally ill, and/or even from the massacres. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, complaints and corrections about The Church's beliefs, please email The Church (don't email us with them). There is no refund.

The mentally ill, just like school teachers, are everybody's scapegoat and whipping boy.

NEWTOWN, CT, TUCSON, AZ, AURORA, CO, AND OTHER MASSACRES ARE BEING EXPLOITED TO "JUSTIFY" GUN CONTROL TO DESTROY GUN RIGHTS AND TO PERSECUTE MENTALLY ILL AND MENTALLY INJURED PEOPLE: The Church of Bible Prophecy predicts that by using the horrific January, 2011, Tucson Massacre (AZ), July 27, 2012 Aurora Massacre (CO), August 5, 2012, Sikh Temple Massacre (WI), December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre (Newtown, CT, by Adam Lanza), December 25, 2012 Albany Massacre (NY), and other gun-involved massacres as excuses, Liberal Extremist politicians will attempt to satisfy their vile secret agendas of destroying gun rights, persecuting those they arbitrarily and capriciously deem to be mentally ill, (e.g. The Devout, Conservatives, Patriots, anti-Communists, anti-abortionists, "homophobes", PTSD and TBI Veterans), and destroy our Country. Clearly, these vile gun control and ammo control attempts by persecuting the mentally ill - especially Disabled Veterans - are being secretly spearheaded by the Udall Cabal* (Senator Tom Udall, former Senator Mark Udall, et al), and their fellow travelers.
       The Nazis raided mental institutions, and then gassed and shot its occupants. If you were a Soviet dissident, Stalin convicted you of being a criminal and/or insane, you were then sentenced to a gulag where you spent the rest of your much-shortened miserable life in hard labor. While some say that Nazi-like persecution of the patriotic non-violent "mentally ill" by denying them gun ownership rights is OK, The Church of Bible Prophecy is totally opposed to this. Which means that The Church is 100% against the creation of lists and databases of the "mentally ill" to be later abused by corrupt politicians to round-up and exterminate them (consider if Hitler had computer databases of all the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally ill in Europe). The Church further opposes denying any Patriot and Devout Judeo-Christian his/her God-given and Second Amendment right to be armed and to defend and protect oneself, family, home and neighborhood.

Gun control laws unjustifiably discriminate against those viewed as "mentally ill" in these ways:
          (1) Very few "mentally ill" people are dangerous, so why discriminate against ALL "mentally ill" people? In fact, by criminalizing ALL "mentally ill" people, some would say that the mentally ill should arm themselves because a Gestapo-like extermination and concentration camp roundup is coming, which it is. Fact is that studies of 10 recent major mass-murderers have shown that only one of the killers had been officially adjudged as "mentally ill" prior to their massacres - so denying guns to the adjudged "mentally ill" stops about as many mass murders as denying guns to a randomly picked 10% of the general public. Furthermore, many truly dangerous mentally ill people cleverly disguise their mental illnesses, and so at most are regarded as a bit strange but never adjudged mentally ill.
          Fact is that the biggest common denominator to mass murderer personal traits is the prior use of neurotoxic psychiatric drugs (psychotropic drugs, psychoactive drugs) the killers took, some for many years (e.g. Adam Lanza). There are close to 100 different psychiatric drugs now widely taken by the general public, all with various effects on the brain (Abilify, Ambien, Haldol, Paxil, Prozac, Ritalin, Valium and Zoloft are better-known examples of psychiatric drugs). The taking of or withdrawing from some powerful psychiatric drugs often cause violent behavior (e.g. John Hyde, Albuquerque, Aug. 18, 2005). In addition to the psychiatric drug issue, there are the issues of of legal and illegal opiates and other pain killers. Greedy, corrupt and incompetent psychiatrists and psychologists make fortunes peddling psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs for Big Pharma.
          The DSM ("Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", published by the American Psychiatric Association, current version is the DSM-5 or DSM-V) and the ICD ("International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems", published by the World Health Organization (WHO)) were clearly written with the objective of "justifying" even greater abuses of psychiatric drugs which psychiatrists, psychologists and Big Pharma, acting as one huge cabal of conspirators, can enrich themselves even more. The DSM used to label homosexuals as mentally ill, but quickly reversed itself when its DSM contributors realized that many psychiatrists and psychologists are homosexuals. Which of course means that homosexuality can be arbitrarily and capriciously politically included again at some future date. Over the last decades, about 100 new mental disorders and syndromes have been added to the DSM and ICD (now about 188 total) - virtually all bogus labels designed to peddle even more neurotoxic psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs. According to psychiatrist Allen Francis (former Chairman of a previous DSM version committee), the changes for the DSM-5, "... will dramatically raise the rates of mental disorders and mislabel normal people as psychiatrically sick."
          Many of these psychiatric drugs physically and permanently re-wire the brain, and thereby create suicidal and homicidal maniacs by the droves. And its not just these drugs. Some food additives (including some food supplements, bioengineered foods, food dyes, taste enhancers, and herbs) and combinations of foods and medicines, for example, some artificial sweeteners are also neurotoxic and they, too, produce bizarre maniacal thoughts and behaviors in some people. Vitamin deficiencies and mineral deficiences can mask themselves as mental illnesses (e.g. Vitamin B defiency can produce schizophrenia symptoms). Even MRIs of the brain are reputed to trigger or cause mental illness. But since Big Pharma is too big to be held legally accountable, scapegoats must be fabricated so that Big Pharma is never blamed but others share more blame than deserved (e.g. mentally ill, assault rifles, large extended ammo clips, violent videos/games/TV/movies, bad parenting, school bullying, etc.). The ironic thing is that these mass murders further enrich Big Pharma and greedy, corrupt and incompetent psychiatrists and psychologists, because they use them to acquire more power and control over the people to "justify" and peddle even more neurotoxic psychiatric drugs to create even more mass murderers and suicides, plus get much more TV time to pontificate and point fingers elsewhere - in a sense, creating an army of "Manchurian Candidates". Greedy psychiatrists and psychologists routinely prescribe and over-prescribe drugs that they don't know how they really work at the biochemical level, their side effects (especially when combined with other drugs, chemicals and foods), all their interactions with other drugs, foods, additives and even MRIs, their withdrawal effects, or their longterm use/abuse effects. The Church believes that, by law, psychiatrists and psychologists should be required to at least first prescribe adequate exercise, good nutrition, and better care from family and friends - especially parenting. MRIs of the brain sensitizes the brain to subsequent microwave radiation and chemicals because the effects of electromagnetic fields and chemicals on the body, just like with X-Rays, are often cumulative.
          (2) Certainly, weapons of all kinds, including guns, should be banned from violent people - those with personal histories of violent offenses, and those who explicitly threaten imminent violence to others, violent domestic abusers, or are suicidal, and those who criminally abuse guns, and those who are incompetent to handle guns (e.g. due to mental or physical condition, which includes alcoholism, drug abuse, blindness, palsy, etc., including a very limited number of mental illnesses), which must be determined only on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. Many believe that women who have had abortions, abortion providers and abortion profiteers are all proven violent criminals, and must also have all of their gun rights nullified. Gun rights must not be based on whether or not a person is a felon or is mentally ill or mentally injured per se but whether or not he/she clearly demonstrates or threatens violent behavior. Because of DSM and ICD labeling, today there are many different kinds of behaviors labeled as mental illnesses, virtually all of which are not dangerous and many of which are bogus. In fact, studies show that the mentally disabled are killed at higher rates from gun violence than those who are believed sane. Studies also show that only 5% of murders-by-gun are committed by mentally ill people. Fact is, young males correlate much higher with gun murders than do the mentally ill. Depending on how seriously you take the DSM and ICD, the percentage of mentally ill people in society in general is about 10% - 80%; however, a reasonable interpretation of DSM and ICD results in 50+% of all USA women and 30+% of all USA men are certifiably mentally ill. So why are the mentally ill being picked on? Clearly, because they are easy scapegoats. Little efforts are made to identify and treat only the truly dangerous mentally ill - and to treat them WITHOUT drugs, for example, by FIRST prescribing exercise, sound eating habits and the love, care and attention of them from their parents and other relatives and friends, then seeing how that works. That approach does works well, but since there is no money in it for Big Pharma and its corrupt buddies, it will seldom be prescribed. Even if most mass murderers were mentally ill, the converse is not true - very few mentally ill become mass murderers. How many of the very high number of Chicago's gun murders (500+ per year) - mostly children - were committed by the mentally ill? Or Detroit, East Los Angeles (East LA), or Juarez, Mexico? Most were likely committed by perfectly sane gangbangers with no history of mental illness. And why is it that nothing is said when poor Black kids in Chicago are wholesale slaughtered - 100s per year - but when 27 people in a mostly white, mostly rich community are shot dead, there is a national outrage? Don't poor Black kids and poor Hispanic kids also count?
          (3) Mind control and electronic attack, including electronic implants, episodes can and do falsely manifest themselves as mental illnesses. Even MRIs of the brain have been associated with causing mental illness. Simply subjecting a victim to mind control, electronic attacks and gang stalking, which often present as "mental illness", is tantamount to denying otherwise sane people who have become targeted individuals (i.e. mind control victims) their right to own and use guns, thereby disarming them for even greater attacks from perpetrators. Likely the greatest cause of all mental illness is mind control, and one of the major causes of mind control today are powerful neurotoxic psychiatric drugs, and most of these drug consumptions are caused by drug prescriptions and drug overprescriptions by greedy, corrupt and incompetent psychiatrists and psychologists.
          (4) A person incarcerated (i.e. involuntarily committed to) to an insane asylum (i.e. mental institution) may be there for only a brief period of mental illness when temporarily overwhelmed by a very stressful situation, and may emerge in their normal non-insane state or totally cured if even they had a mental problem. And may have no history of violence. In fact, by being released from a hospital, one can assume he/she is cured or will likely be cured shortly whether the illness was physical or mental. Just like for prisons, many people every year are falsely imprisoned in mental institutions - not because they are dangerous or threatened anyone or tried to commit suicide or are even mentally ill - but only because someone who has power over them falsely accused them of mental illness as targeted individuals for political, financial and/or revenge purposes.
          (5) There are many kinds of human behaviors which the DSM, ICD and/or the general public label as mental illnesses. Many people believe that anyone who intentionally shoots another person or animal is mentally ill. Not all mental anamolies or mental disabilities are "mental illnesses." For examples, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are NOT mental illnesses but mental injuries - purely neurological disorders - not psychiatric disorders (while the DSM and ICD classify PTSD as a mental illness, neither the DSM nor ICD classifies TBI per se as a mental illness but its very likely manifestations are themselves classified as mental illnesses, thereby indirectly classifying TBI as a mental illness). Are PTSD and TBI survivors also to be banned from owning guns? If they are banned, then some honorable, patriotic warriors who made grave sacrifices for our Country in combat can no longer hunt with guns, protect their families with guns, collect guns or simply enjoy themselves around guns, while sniveling coward draft dodgers and shirkers can own and use all the guns they want to as rewards for their selfish cowardice. What is the point of honorably serving our Country during a time of war to defend the Constitutional rights of other Americans only to find that some tin horn psychiatrist or psychologist has denied those same Constitutional rights to YOU?
          Note the brain of Adam Lanza - the Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT) killer - was autopsied, and the autopsy examination of it found that Adam Lanza had a perfectly normal brain - no mental injury observed whatsoever. So why is mental injury being constantly lumped in with mental illness? Was Adam Lanza even mentally ill? Perhaps just misdiagnosed as having autism and perhaps made by a greedy, corrupt or incompetent pill-pushing psychiatrist or psychologist? The police found bottle after bottle of prescription psychiatric meds in Adam Lanza's home after his massacre - same with James Holmes (Aurora, CO, massacre) - how much more evidence is needed to seriously crack down on Big Pharma and its psychiatrist and psychologist pill pushers co-conspirators and to put the blame where the blame belongs! Certainly, that will be covered up or minimized. And what about victims who are forced into becoming mentally ill or mentally injured? For examples, the 1,000s of returning World War II Veterans the Veterans Administration secretly subjected to lobotomies and electroconvulsive shock "therapy". Based on its vile historical abuse of the mentally ill and mentally injured and Veterans in general, the Government cannot be trusted to make any law, regulation or decision negative to the mentally ill, mentally injured and even Veterans in general. Government makes its decision on who is and is not mentally ill based on BOTH the DSM or ICD and how much money and power the person has. Clearly, according to the new DSM, if you are shy, you want to be left alone or you have strong religious or moral beliefs ('rigid moral values' - what a forcibly incarcerated Veteran was told by his psychiatrist!), you can be condemned by a greedy, corrupt, incompetent or ulterior-motivated psychiatrist or psychologist as mentally ill, and incarcerated in a for-profit mental institution, then force-fed mind control drugs at your and/or taxpayers expense, AND lose all your gun rights.
          (6) Keep three things in mind: (A) According to Wikipedia ("Mental Disorder" webpage), "mental illness" is synonymous with "mental disorder", (B) There is no objective medical test to prove that someone has or does not have a mental disorder and there is not even a universally accepted definition under the DSM of "mental disorder", therefore there is can be no objective or universally accepted definition for the term, "dangerously mentally ill", and (C) If a psychiatrist or psychologist claims that you have ANY mental illness / mental disorder, for whatever reasons he/she wishes, regardless of whether or not you are actually mentally ill, he/she can "justify" under the DSM or ICD lists of about 188 mental disorders, he/she can likely have you forcibly incarcerated in an insane asylum for an indefinite period of time, PLUS permanently nullify your God-given Second Amendment rights.
                   Clearly, under the DSM and/or ICD, a few examples of how you can be declared mentally ill and forcibly incarcerated in an insane asylum for an indefinite period of time PLUS lose your gun rights: If you are shy (Avoidant Personality Disorder) or just want people to leave you alone (Antisocial Behavior Disorder), you are an Evangelical Christian or Pentecostal Christian (Poly-Behavioral Addiction Disorder, Addictive Behavioral Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)), you worry a lot (Anxiety Disorder), you occasionally binge eat (Binge Eating Disorder), you are bulimic (Bulimia Nervosa) or anorexic (Anorexia Nervosa), you drink too much coffee (Caffeine-Related Disorder), you don't sleep well (Insomnia Disorder), you have TBI (Cognitive Disorder) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), you think very highly of yourself (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Grandiose Delusions), you are impotent (Male Erectile Disorder), you are a hypochondriac (Hypochondriasis), you are mentally challenged (Mental Retardation), you stopped smoking (Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome) or drinking (Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome) or marijuana (Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome), you love to collect many books (Bibliomania), you are an avid stamp collector (OCD), you have arthritic pains (Pain Disorder), you are a precision craftsman (Perfectionism Disorder), you can't stand spiders or snakes (Phobic Disorder), you don't read well (Reading Disorder) or are poor at math (Mathematics Disorder), you much prefer summers to winters (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you have nightmares (Nightmare Disorder, Sleep Terror Disorder, PTSD), you stutter (Stuttering Disorder), you like to use a lot of hair spray (Substance-Related Disorder), you prefer crowds to open spaces (Agoraphobia Disorder), you are sad because someone you loved died (Bereavement Disorder).
          (7) People adjudged as being mentally ill are almost always from the middle class or poor. Wealthy and powerful people are never "mentally ill" but are instead, "eccentric." They conceal their mental illnesses well behind their private mansions, private security, private doctors, rehab centers and other private clinics and hospitals, and paid off officials and political connections, and are virtually never committed to mental hospitals. By denying gun ownership due to being declared mentally ill, evil and corrupt rich and powerful Liberal Progressive politicians who are bat-crap crazy are essentially exempting themselves and their rich and powerful friends from the very same laws they force onto almost everyone else. So that they remain armed, drunk, drugged-out and bat-crap crazy while stripping the arms away from the outspoken Devout and Pious, Conservatives and Patriots who oppose them and need their guns to protect themselves from them. Gun and ammo control by persecuting the mentally ill is just another communistic version of the old Soviet trick of declaring most dissidents to be insane (but now by using the DSM or ICD as its weapon).
          (8) How about all of the celebrities and other rich and powerful people who go to "rehab centers" instead of the mental institutions they so richly deserve? Crazy middle class and poor people are incarcerated in mental institutions and therefore are "provably insane", while crazy celebrities go to rehab centers where all the blame goes to drugs and alcohol and no record is ever made of their insanities. Seems like many, if not most, rich and powerful people are as dangerous as the not rich and powerful rare-exception dangerous diagnosed mentally ill person. Many people, whether mentally ill or not, commit violent crimes using guns while they are drunk, on drugs, emotionally disturbed, and/or high on power. And there are many paid and for-profit killers and street killers who otherwise appear to be normal. Would you trust a certain demented Hollyweirdo actor with a loaded gun around your children - an actor who insists that he is WINNING because he is possessed by TIGER BLOOD and UNIVERSAL WISDOM? Yet, this actor has never been committed to a mental institution or officially adjudged to be "mentally ill" - he can legally own all of the assault weapons, clips and ammo he wants to. Or a certain Hollyweirdo actress who is a proven kleptomaniac? Gun control laws will seldom ever apply to Hollyweird's Liberal celebrities or rich and powerful politicians.
          (9) Many of the most serious and dangerous forms of mental illnesses are inherited. Powerful politicians who are proud that they descended from mass-murderers (e.g. John D. Lee**) can own all the assault rifles and ammo they want to. What about the sins of the father - inherited violent behavior? For examples, if a person is seriously afflicted by paranoid schizophrenia or psychopathy (often cited as a reason for unexplained gun rampages) - almost always inherited - then should not his parents, siblings, offspring, grandchildren and other blood relatives also be banned from owning or possessing firearms because any of them too can suddenly go on a gun killing spree? Was Adam Lanza's mother as mentally ill as Adam Lanza was alleged to be (if Adam Lanza was mentally ill), but just hid it better? Should guns be confiscated from a home with one mentally ill resident and 15 sane residents who like to hunt, protect themselves and property, target practice and collect guns as a hobby - unjustly punishing everyone?
        (10) How about people who suffer from some non-mental conditions, such as poor eyesight, color blindness, palsy, people with poor balance, people with bad heart conditions, diabetics, epileptics, rabid people, etc.? Any of them can also seriously malfunction with a loaded gun in his/her hands - yet all can freely own guns. Not to mention former drunks and drug addicts or even current drunks and drug addicts. There are many physical illnesses which also seriously impact gun use and safety.
        (11) How about powerful political pundits who threaten to shoot or behead politicians or shoot them in the head, or suggest that other people shoot them? All of the powerful political pundits who made these statements can still own and buy all the guns and ammo they want to as no judge or bureaucrat has or is ever going to adjudge them to be "mentally ill". Why should you lose your right to own guns for threatening a politician when the guy on the radio can make the same threat against the same politician with impunity?
        (12) The official attack on the mentally ill instantly kicked in after the Newtown, CT, massacre, as if planned. On 12/18/12, the Albuquerque Journal had a Front Page article, titled, "Governor: Keep Guns Out of Hands of Mentally Ill". This article quotes New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, "There are some individuals who should never have access to firearms, like criminals and the mentally ill" - thereby equating all mentally ill to criminals! Governor Martinez further threatened to introduce legislation*** to implement her threat to persecute the mentally ill, thereby making the mentally ill automatically guilty of horrific gun crimes and subject to selective prosecution through her guilt-by-association of them with violent criminals - shocking and despicable! Since Governor Susana Martinez has serious mental illnesses in her own family (father and sister) - you would think she would have better sense. What if instead, New Mexico had a white male governor, and he decreed, "There are some individuals who should never have access to firearms, like criminals and Mexican women"? What if Gov. Martinez had said "Jews" or "Evangelicals" or "Blacks" or "Indians" or "Mexicans" or "Seniors" or "Gays" or "Lesbians" or "Veterans" or "Conservatives" or "Liberals" or "women who had or are seeking abortions" or "abortion providers" instead of "the mentally ill"? There would be such outrage in the land that she would be run out of office. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Governor Martinez's bigoted statements are accepted by the people, then they can't complain if she or another governor includes one or more of other groups, such as those listed above, in his/her similar decrees. Where are the ACLU outrage and legal actions? We guess the ACLU is too busy defending Nazis, Communists, criminals and pedophiles. The Revelator of The Church of Bible Prophecy submitted a letter-to-the-editor to the Albuquerque Journal defending the rights of the mentally ill and attacking Big Pharma, which it never published. Hmmm. Wonder why. Far more people are killed in New Mexico because of drunk drivers than guns. Earth-to-Governor Martinez: Solve New Mexico's DWI epidemic first - then work on New Mexico's epidemics of poverty, drug abuse and teen pregnancy, and its miserable educational system!
          (13) Albuquerque, NM, has had more than its share of recent gruesome gun massacres. On Aug. 18, 2005, John Hyde, diagnosed with schizophrenia, went on a rampage and shot to death five people, including two police officers - clearly yet another case of psychotropic drug / psychoactive drug malpractice for which no one was ever charged or prosecuted for. On Jan. 19, 2013, 15-year old Nehemiah Griego murdered his mother, brother, two sisters, and then his father. Griego was alleged to have a history of playing violent video games, but has no known history of mental illness nor mental injury.
        (14) Few millionaires and billionaires are adjudicated as mentally ill. Therefore, the mentally lack the money to buy off politicians to protect their rights, which these same politicians should be doing for just their salaries, but today corruptly demand vast amounts of bribes (called, "political donations") to accomplish, as part of our Government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists and for the lobbyists. Because the laws are written by unelected lobbyists and enacted by corrupt politicians, the laws themselves are corrupt. Because the mentally ill have few lobbyists and none top-tier like the gun, Big Pharma and Hollyweird lobbies, the mentally ill are ready-made scapegoats easy to victimize - blamed first and most for just about everything bad, and routinely oppressed by Government through Government's tyrannical laws and regulations, yet provided virtually no real support from governments. The major blame goes to Big Pharma and its psychiatrist and psychologist co-conspirators who with their mind control neurotoxic psychiatric drugs have turned many people with emotional and mental disabilities, some very minor, into zombie-like suicidal and homicidal maniacs. But because the pharmaceutical, video/movie/TV, and gun industries are massively powerful, with many bought-off politicians, and the fact that laws cannot effectively be applied to parenting, and the fact that politicians are now being heavily pressured into doing something - anything - the mentally ill are left for all or at least most of the blame. You hear this talk of, "sharing the blame" when it comes to gun massacres, it is euphemism for, "put all the blame on the mentally ill".
       (15) The unintended consequences of any gun law which universally enforces background checks based on mental illness are enormous in both number and gravity and can afflict millions of innocent Americans. Mental illness background checks would have to rely heavily upon the database of the NCIS (National Criminal Intelligence Service) - the NCIS database must be strictly limited only to criminals. By singling out the mentally ill and mentally injured community - whose crime rate is lower than the demographic considered to be sane - for defamation and persecution clearly violates the Americans With Disabilities Act and Equal Protection under The United States Constitution. It cannot legally be done, but yet will be done anyhow. The creation of Federal and State lists or databases of the mentally disordered put them into immediate grave life-and-death danger because these same lists and databases will eventually be used to round up the mentally ill and mentally injured and exterminate them. All it takes is one very powerful person to give the orders. Certainly, Hitler would have loved to have had a computer database of all Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and mentally ill in Europe.
       (16) What can the mentally ill and mentally injured community expect next? How about being blamed for car accidents and high auto rates? After all, about 5% of all car accidents are also likely being committed by them. By blaming the mentally disordered for car accidents, other rich and powerful entities can escape most of their guilt, for examples, drunk drivers and bars, drugged drivers and drug dealers, sleepy drivers, texting drivers and cellphone companies, ultra-profitable auto insurance companies, and car makers.

Both politicians and the NRA demand that extensive lists and databases of the mentally ill be compiled to prevent them from buying, owning and/or possessing guns. Yet, the NRA claims that one major legitimate reason why people should have the right to buy, own and/or possess assault weapons is to defend themselves from the tyranny of a likely dictator who takes over our Country - a reasonable concern. The NRA also likes to remind everyone that one of the first things Hitler did was to confiscate guns, yet the NRA conveniently forgets to mention that another first thing Hitler did was to round up the mentally ill enmasse and murder them. Fact is, the NRA got the Nazi gun history half wrong - while the Nazis expanded gun possession rights of the German people, they also outlawed Jews from owning weapons. Applying the NRA's reasonable logic about expected oppressive dictator actions against gun owners also to the mentally ill / mentally injured and the actual Nazi gun history relevant to Jews, one logically concludes that the NRA MUST also strongly denounce the creation of mentally disordered lists and databases by and for Government because lists and databases of the mentally disordered will almost certainly be likewise abused by this same expected dictator to systematically round up and murder them. And that because the real and falsely accused mentally disordered will likely be exterminated by this upcoming dictator, then simple logic clearly requires that the mentally ill and mentally injured be armed to the teeth to defend themselves.

The current Government's "Mentally Ill Watch List" neither addresses the real dangers of gun massacres, nor makes any real sense, nor is it safe from gross abuses. For example, if 50 years ago your Mom involuntarily committed you to be evaluated in a mental hospital and you were released the next day with no mental illness diagnosed, you can't legally buy a gun from a licensed gun dealer (and soon also from gun shows, the Internet, private gun sellers, nor anyone else). However, if 50 years ago you voluntarily committed yourself to a mental hospital and you just got out today now totally mentally ill, you can legally buy all of the guns and ammo you want to. For example, if a judge ordered you to be subjected to a mental evaluation, its findings were not used in your trial and you were found not guilty anyhow, you are adjudged mentally ill and can't legally buy a gun. For example, if a powerful politician or bureaucrat had his/her PALs forcibly mentally incarcerate you because of your race, religion, ethnic group, age, gender, sexual orientation, political views, etc. when you made no threats to anyone, you can't legally buy guns. For example, if you are the never-convicted #1 producer for Murder, Inc., and you have never been in an insane asylum, you can legally buy guns. The Government's, "Mentally Ill Watch List" will be melded into its "Terrorist Watch List", likely renamed, "The Terrorist-Felon-Mentally Ill Watch List", then renamed, "The Everyone-We-Hate Watch List", then renamed, "The Everyone-We-Hate Incarceration and Extermination List." After all, if terrorists and felons are too dangerous to be allowed onto airplanes, then the Government will certainly also apply it to the mentally ill and mentally injured.

People are getting all freaked out about how to protect schools and other crowded places which are prime targets for massacres. Sandy Hook Elementary School had both security guards on duty and very good procedures and followed them well (Columbine High School also had armed guards on duty, and Virginia Tech had its own armed campus police force consisting of dozens of armed officers on campus). The big mistake of Sandy Hook officials was ignoring the hardware realities of the situation. When Adam Lanza was denied entry to the Sandy Hook Elementary School building, he simply shot out the ordinary glass pane door and then walked in. Everyone responsible for school security there should have easily predicted the shooting out of the glass by armed attackers and done something about it - so everyone of them have blame to share. For a few $100 more, the school could have installed bullet proof glass, or at least decorative wrought iron covers on the door and windows, which would have stopped or at least delayed Adam Lanza so more students could have fled, teachers could lock up and for police to get there. The result of that blunder was the horrific loss of 26 beautiful lives. Schools don't need dozens of armed security guards or teachers, razor wire, etc. - just some relatively inexpensive common-sense security measures and vigilance. Schools should not be turned into prisons. What if one of the armed guards or armed teachers or school officials goes berserk? Or an angry student steals or beats up a teacher for his/her gun? School officials everywhere are responsible for walking around their schools to determine all the hardware and procedural vulnerabilities of their schools, then fixing all the vulnerabilities.

Guns are not the only weapons which cause massacres. 9/11, Oklahoma, Atlanta and Boston proved that. So regulating guns alone will like transfer to other weapons, such as bombs and airplanes.

Confiscating anyone's guns or preventing people from buying guns clearly violates the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Gun confiscation also violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution - your right to freedom of expression. And for The Church of Bible Prophecy, gun confiscation also violates the Church's and the Church Member's First Amendment religious right to freely worship because guns, gun magazines and gun ammo are just as required under our Church Doctrine as yarmulkes are for Jews, rosaries for Catholics and eagle feathers for some Indian religions. The Government doesn't confiscate rosaries from mentally ill Catholics. While the written word is more powerful than guns, writers don't have to register their pens or wordprocessors, nor painters required to register their paint brushes - nor is there a call to confiscate them, nor to take them away from mentally ill writers and painters. To many gun owners and gun lovers, their guns are just as much of an instrument of expression and personal enjoyment as that of a pen, wordprocessor or paintbrush, and is therefore additionally guaranteed under the U.S. Declaration of Independence ("... Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..."). Making it illegal for a person to possess a gun he/she legally bought earlier additionally clearly violates Article 1, Sections 9 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution forbidding ex post facto laws. And being mentally ill, mentally injured, mentally disordered, mentally disabled, mentally disturbed or mentally deranged are not crimes in any jurisdiction.
          NOTE: The Second Amendment, when written, only applied to white males - excluding both Blacks and females. Some believe that it was also limited to property owners. Furthermore, it states "arms" and not "guns". The "arms" of that period consisted of guns, cannons, bombs, rockets and missiles, war ships, knives, swords, axes, spears, rocks and slingshots, so therefore, the Second Amendment does not limit the private ownership and possession of arms to just guns, but also to all of these other arms categories of that period. A proper strict constructionist view of the U.S. Constitution also makes it clear that the Second Amendment does not apply to or protect a private right to own military aircraft, tanks, armored personnel carriers, submarines, torpedoes, nuclear weapons, etc. because they were not "arms" invented before its enactment.

Outlawing "assault guns" (i.e. semiautomatic and fully automatic guns fitted for extended ammo clips), large extended magazines and/or ammunition are not solutions either, even if legal to do so. Today, there are about 310 million guns, of which about 110 million are "assault rifles" and semiautomatic handguns, in the hands of Americans, and about three times as many large magazines, and millions of rounds of ammunition are also now in American hands (plus many gun lovers do their own reloading). There is no way that Government can possibly confiscate even 50% of assault guns - even if most gun owners willingly complied - many of who absolutely would not comply and would fight to the death to keep their guns, extended clips and ammo. Licensing assault weapons, large magazines and/or ammunition are also not solutions. The person walking out of the gun store or gun show with a gun, extended gun magazine or ammo is seldom limited to the people who will later have access to that gun, extended magazine or ammo. Many guns, extended magazines and ammo are shared by or given to family members and friends (e.g. Adam Lanza, William Spengler), and many guns, magazines and ammo are sold to others or stolen. So even the craziest psychopath or professional killer can usually easily obtain an assault rifle with an extended magazine and lots of ammo regardless of the law. So even those who blame massacres on the mentally ill and demand that mentally ill people cannot buy guns, gun magazines or ammo know that even the most unconstitutional and draconian laws against the mentally ill and mentally injured will do little to prevent access to assault weapons by dangerous people.

Increasing funding for and attention to mental health services is positive IF AND ONLY IF they do not give psychiatrists and psychologists more power to incarcerate people into mental institutions, or give them more power to force people to take neurotoxic psychotropic drugs, psychoactive drugs or narcotics. And that these improvements also include much greater scrutiny of and restrictions for the prescriptions of these types of drugs. And that they do nothing to further enrich Big Pharma in the mental health drug and narcotic drug areas. The simple fact is that The Church of Bible Prophecy is one of the very few organizations which really care about mental illness and mental injury issues, and the compassionate protection of the rights of those so afflicted. The Church can't do this huge job by itself without great support from the people and other responsible organizations.

The FBI routinely refuses to investigate powerful people and businesses - even when terrorist threats are made - unless the investigation is ordered by someone even more powerful. 9/11 proved that. Nothing operationally has really changed in FBI policies policies since 9/11. When it comes to rich and powerful people, celebrities and big corporations, the FBI still simply resorts to its official "Sandusky" enforcement policies of treating these perpetrators as untouchable, above the law and too-big-to-be-prosecuted, regardless of their offenses or threats while persecuting poor and middle class people. The Church knows of actual specific cases which prove these statements. And likely so do you. We are sitting ducks for the next massacre or even the next 9/11. The Boston Marathon Massacre proves that already!

The Government doesn't care anyway about the psychiatric ill or the neurologic injured: President Obama promised all Veterans with PTSD would be treated for their PTSD - yet an Albuquerque Veteran has pleaded with the ABQ VA Medical Center for years for outpatient therapy for his PTSD in a fear-free setting, and to date he is still being refused by the ABQ VAMC! And in spite of solid evidence of PTSD, the VA still refuses to provide him compensation; VA Claims Appeal Court officially ruling that Veterans with PTSD are making it up and/or have only themselves to blame. The VA's long, sordid, vile and horrific history of blaming World War II, Vietnam-era, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for their PTSD and TBI (formerly known as "shell shock" and "battle fatigue"; VA secretly "treated" with lobotomies and electroshock "therapy"1,000s of WWII Veterans), Agent Orange Veterans, Gulf War Syndrome Veterans, Depleted Uranium Veterans, Nuclear Testing Veterans, and Inoculated Veterans, plus the practically criminally negligent way the VA treats female Disabled Veterans and Navy Seals Veterans (even those who killed Osama bin Laden), and the intentional foot-dragging by the VA in disability claims processing (VA motto: "Delay, deny until you die!"), clearly proves that the VA over-and-over again routinely cheats and betrays Veterans and their families (and so do Veterans Organizations which receive money and offices from the VA). THE GOVERNMENT JUST DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ISSUES - ESPECIALLY HONORABLE VETERANS, AND WILL NEVER PROVIDE THEM THE COMPASSIONATE CARE THEY DESERVE!

Nor does it pay to turn in your own child in. With an atmosphere where the Government provides no protection for children, if you do, you have forever stigmatized your child, and destroyed your child's future of ever getting a decent job or living his/her life with any expectation of success. There is an industry of people whose sole jobs are to find ways to damage and destroy other people for their own profit and pleasure - they eagerly await parents, relatives, doctors and officials to turn in people so they can further profitably victimize them forever with impunity.

*THE UDALL CABAL: While Ultra Liberal Tom Udall claims he fought in trench warfare, the simple fact is that with a relatively high draft number so Tom Udall dodged the Vietnam War Draft - went to England (1970-1975). As Attorney General of New Mexico, Tom Udall was fond of interrogating Disabled Veterans about their Honorable Service-Connected Disabilities when New Mexico was/is crawling with drug dealers, violent criminals, the KGB, and corrupt Democrat politicians - some later sentenced to Federal prison. As Congressman, sitting on the House's Veterans Affairs Committee and its Subcommittee for Oversight and Investigations, Draft Dodger Tom Udall was also fond of incarcerating into VA mental wards Veterans who complained about him. Furthermore, Rep. Tom Udall sponsored as a Bill and was passed into law the mistitled, "Homeless Veterans Comprehensive Assistance Act of 2001", which immunized the VA from Veteran's lawsuits for being forcibly and unjustifiably incarcerated in VA mental wards AND which applied to ALL Veterans - even to Veterans who refuse or never received VA medical care. Which Udall Law The Church now refers to as the, "The Commissar Tom Udall Veterans Persecution Law". As Senator, Tom Udall also falsified VA claims for disability of at least one New Mexico Gulf War Disabled Veteran. Now, Senators Tom Udall and Mark Udall head the Secret Society known as the Udall Cabal - known to be a secret enforcer arm of the Freemasons.

**JOHN D. LEE: Both Udall Cabal Senator Tom Udall and Senator Mark Udall are the PROUD great grandsons of John D. Lee (just ask them). John D. Lee was a Charlie Manson-like character who, using guns, massacred 140 Christian Pilgrims - men, women and children ("Mountain Meadows Massacre" - America's First 9/11 - America's single biggest gun massacre made by any American in our history). Yet, they Tom Udall and Mark Udall can buy all the guns and ammo they want to - AND VOTE TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUN RIGHTS! How many powerful politicians are descended from mass murderers and have demonic blood coursing through their veins? The Church would like to know. So how was John D. Lee able to gun down 140 Christian Pilgrims? Lee simply conned them into confiscating their guns, then massacred them! The Udall Cabal has the same plan. Heck, since it worked great once, then why not again. Hopefully, the American people will not be stupid enough to allow the Udall Cabal to desecrate their Second Amendment rights. The Udall nuts have fallen very close to the nut tree! After murdering 140 men, women and children (first raping some of the women), John D. Lee left their bodies to rot on the ground for dogs to eat, stole all of their personal wealth and possessions, moved into a mansion with his harem of 18 "wives", and then blamed his murders on the great Brigham Young and Indians!

***GOV. SUSANA MARTINEZ & NM HOUSE BILL 588: New Mexico House Bill 588, "The Community Engagement Teams (CETs) Act", was vetoed by Governor Martinez, late March 2013. NM Bill 588, if passed into law, would have sent CETs into New Mexico communities to interrogate people its spies told them were, "unlikely to survive safely in the community" (whatever that vague indictment means!) due to a mental disorder. Sounds like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany to The Church. One of many unintended consequences of CETs is that CETs can be easily abused to extort money, property and political support from people, and force victims into taking psychiatric meds to enrich psychiatrists and psychologists through their Big Pharma's kickbacks. While Gov. Martinez did veto this extremely dangerous Bill 588, in her MESSAGE No. 39, Gov. Martinez states that she still intends to implement these same CETs (which may not even include mental health professionals) administratively - WITHOUT A LAW - through New Mexico's Department of Human Services!

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